Forts Tournament VII & Update inc. Eagle Eye Nerf

G’day Forts Fans! Forts Tournament VII is scheduled to take place on Saturday August 19th, and will for the first time feature commanders. Competitors will have to choose their favourite commander and adapt their strategy to accordingly, if they want to be proclaimed Supreme Champion and take their place on the Hall of Fame and claim their exclusive gold Forts tshirt.

Forts T-shirt Prizes

Finalists and runners-up will now be able to claim one of three new t-shirt designs, featuring new designs for Firebird, Pinchfist and Hurricane, to go along with the Eagle Eye, Armourdillo and Architect already available. The Supreme Champion of the tournament, however, will walk away with a limited edition gold Forts tshirt.

Hit the links below to enter:-

North America Bracket
Europe Bracket

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This revision brings some much needed fixes. We’ve solved two desyncs and a few crashes. We greatly appreciate all the players who have submitted crash reports and helped with testing. The game will now produce a set of files when you desync and opens a window to them. Please open the link starting with ‘Urgent’ to send the files to us, so we can debug any remaining desyncs.

We’ve heard your requests for new weapons. Thanks for the feedback.

Build 2017-08-18a Changelist

Add: game time to info readout (F8) and remove debugging displays
Add: option to disable weather effects
Add: re-introduce snow to Alpine environment at lower alpha
Balance: Eagle Eye explosive rounds charge ability no longer applies to Machine Guns.
Balance: remove wind floor to remove lower fort disadvantage in Dueling Vipers 4v4
Balance: Team 1 can build the same number of mines as team 2 without destroying any on Balls map
Fix: desync when repairing a damaged strut soon after its material is replaced
Fix: desync while joining with AI enabled
Fix: older AI forts crash when dynamically placing ropes
Fix: restarting a campaign mission on hard causes the replay to crash
Fix: prevent neutral battery causing splash damage (team killing method)
Fix: crash when starting a host while receiving messages from a previous session
Fix: Team 1 AI on Balls incorrectly builds the incompatible Team 2 fort
Fix: missing edges on background terrain in Dueling Vipers 4v4
Fix: missiles can crash into parent structure even when it’s clear to target
Fix: replay HUD sometimes shows on desync and window is lost
Fix: make desync diagnostics functional without disrupting game flow

Thanks for playing Forts.


PS: Finalists from Tournament VI have been contacted and we are in the process of getting their prizes delivered

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