Forts Tournament VII Winner – T1meToCaRRy

G’day Forts Fans! On Saturday August 20th the seventh Forts Tournament got under way. The best players from around the world took each other on in one-on-one battles. After obscene numbers of bullets, shells and missiles had been fired, and many a mighty structure felled, Jobi and Cancer Alert had emerged as semi- finalists on one side of the draw, with Quxzcvoer facing off against T1meToCaRRy on the other side.

In the first semi-final Jobi came out on top against Cancer Alert 2-0 in a best-of-three series. The second semi-final T1meToCaRRy came up against two-time Supreme Champion Quxzcvoer, and had to bring all of his experience to bear in order to win, but win he did. Unfortunately, due to IT issues Jobi was unable to compete in the final, and as such had to forfeit the battle, meaning T1meToCaRRy is Supreme Champion for the second time. Congratulations to him! Prizes will be sent out this week.

If you want to see the battle replays, check out Quxzcover’s video:-

Quxzcover’s Strategy Guides

Two-time Forts tournament winner Quxzcover has been hard at work producing a series of strategy guides on his YouTube channel. Click the link below to see his insights:

Also check out Forts developer Beeman’s strategy guide, for yet more useful tips:

Thanks for playing Forts, and if you want to see the replays, join in on the next tournament, or just get involved with and battle other members of the Forts online community, head over to the Official Forts Discord server!


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