Forts Tournament XIX – 2v2 Co-op- Winners!

G’day, Forts fans!

Congratulations to [DFC] CronkhinatorYT and [DFC] Matteo of Badges++, winners of Tournament XIX!

The schedule for Tournament XIX was chosen in the hopes of making it more accessible for our players across the world. Taking place at midday for the EU it succeeded in attracting some new faces onto the tournament scene. So a warm welcome to all the first time participants. And in proper Forts fashion, that warm welcome consisted of missiles and cannons and lasers. Oh my.

As first tournaments go, Co-op on big maps is definitely jumping into the deep end. A good Co-op team can perform greater than the sum of its parts, while a team without coordination can be less effective than a single person. Teamwork is everything.

Badges++ is no stranger to teamwork or tournaments of course. And as their name alludes, they both have an assortment of accolades accumulated from previous tournaments, ranked seasons, and community run events. Growing stronger as the maps grew larger, they showed off their ability to handle multiple bases on their way to victory and earned themselves another coveted badge.

Relative newcomers to the official tournaments, Finn and [DFC] Amburulo of Danke Merkel acquitted themselves admirably to take 2nd place. Surpassing the expectations of a certain announcer they scored an upset against Nowser (Noha, Bowser) in the lower bracket finals to secure their rematch against Badges++ in the finals. Well done! We look forward to seeing more from these and other other new participants.

Upcoming events

Aspiring competitors take note. With the Forts community growing and the level of competition rising future events may once again utilise the ranking system to qualify for entry. As with Tournament XIII, a minimum ranking may be required in order for people to join. If you want to ensure your eligibility be sure to maintain the highest season ranking you can ahead of the next tournament announcement.

Now a very special thank you to Salzwerk for hosting the tournament lobby and in addition to minimizing EU ping, also providing a German language co-cast with Geiger. Check out his breakdown of the finals Tournament XIX Finals German cast.

Thanks as well to our English broadcasting team. Bobereto and Project Incursus with Special commentator EWG Developer Nozehed. And Ximsa creator of the Observer Tools mod.

You can watch the English casts of the tournament at

Tournament XIX Bobereto Twitch

Tournament XIX Incursus Youtube


If you haven’t already, join our Forts Official Discord server for discussions on weapons, strategies and modding with our friendly and helpful community!


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