Forts Tournament XV

G’day Forts Fans!

Now that Moonshot has been out for over a month, we thought it high time to announce a new tournament, and see what new strats players have come up with.

This will be a 2v2 TDM tournament. It is being organised by the awesome [FR/Official] FORTS Communauté Véritable, and is open to everyone and all languages. As a new twist, the battle maps will be chosen by audience vote during the live stream. You can vote here.

The tournament stream will be hosted by the ever strategic Project Incursus and the effervescent Frazzz. With special guests Blammo and Nozehed, both of which are are on the FORTS development team.

In order to participate, you must do the following…

  • Join the FORTS Discord
  • Send a direct message on Discord to 42 scientist#6023 saying your teammate and team name.
  • Your name on Discord and Steam have to match.
  • No long, obscure or offensive names allowed.
  • At this stage your team will be entered into the tournament bracket as a competitor.


  • Tournament starts August 17th at…
  • 12pm (PDT West Coast USA)
  • 3pm (EST East Coast USA)
  • 8PM UTC/GMT (London)
  • 9PM CET (France)
  • 5AM AEDT August 18th (Eastern Australia)



  • 2v2 Team Death Match
  • Single Elimination
  • 15 minute battle time limit
  • Maps chosen by audience vote
  • Ton of Guns enabled
  • Moonshot enabled
  • Portals enabled
  • Commanders enabled
  • Draws decided by core damage inflicted (total damage if same core damage)
  • 16 competitors max
  • No suicides
  • 2nd round is in capture point mode
  • 3rd round and Finals are normal best of 3 with capture point tie-breaker
  • Late or missing players instantly forfeit


Project Incursus Youtube Channel
Smash Gaming Youtube Channel


(chosen by viewers during the tournament)


  • Abyss 2v2
  • Balls 2v2
  • Vanilla Large 2v2
  • Stalactites 2v2
  • Wingman 2v2
  • Snow Leopards 2v2
  • Caverns 2v2
  • Up & Down 2v2
  • Close Quarters (Capture Points)
  • Punch-Up (Capture Points)
  • The Octagon (Capture Points)
  • Two-Way Street (Capture Points)

note: Earthwork Games reserves the right to make changes to this event as needed

See this post on Steam