Forts Tournament XVII – 4v4 TDM – Winners!

G’day, Forts fans!

Huge congrats to Noobs Confirmed for winning a huge tournament! Tournament XVII was the largest ever and our first 4v4. Their path to victory got off to a bumpy start, needing to pull off a stunning comeback against Genesis down 2 bases to 4 to avoid plummeting down into the losers bracket. After narrowly avoiding a first round loss they ultimately emerged undefeated, overcoming their opponents, barrages of cannons and warheads, and everything else that stood in their way (including timezones) to claim the title and medals.

Crustacean Fortification did not go gently to close the day in 2nd place but lightning in the form of a cannon round struck as it threaded the needle to score an early elimination and they were unable to recover. In 3rd place Facharbeiter clawed their way back into contention after an early loss to the Crustaceans only to face them again in the finals of the losers bracket where falling teammates put an end to their run.

The Final Standings

1st Place

Noobs Confirmed
Land Planters

2nd Place

Crustacean Fortification

3rd Place

General Miau

Thank you to all the participants and our alternates on standby for what was a very fun, and very long day of intense competition. Our casters, Frazzz (resident Scotsman), Nozehed (he makes all the things go sounds), Project Incursus (totally not a robot), and Reloflex (director of the Reloflex Forts Pro League). Recordings of the tournament are archived on their channels at the links below. Relive the epic moments or catch them for the first time if you missed out.

Project Incursus

All Tournament XVII match replays are also available in the Featured tab of your Forts Replays menu once you click Download. Learn from the best and prepare yourselves for the soon to be announced Tournament XVIII, where a new 1v1 champion will be crowned. May the Forts continue!

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