Forts Tournament XX – 4v4 Team Death Match- Winners!

G’day, Forts fans!

Congratulations to team XDXDXD winners of Tournament XX!

Only the top players from previous ranked seasons qualified for tournament entry and the concentration of talent was intense. Individually team XDXDXD‘s members hold first and second place for the last four ranked seasons. That’s counting only the first two players from their roster by the way. With a dream team like this assembled did anyone else stand a chance? Or should they have just gone ahead and handed them the trophy?

Not so fast.

Three other teams were willing to meet the challenge despite the odds against them. And in match four Nerf Nukes shocked XDXDXD sending them down into the lower bracket to face Base Erasers if they wanted to reach the finals. After regrouping and surviving the best of three they came roaring back into the finals for a rematch against Nerf Nukes. Staring down sudden death and needing two wins to Nerf Nuke’s one, they survived an epic Close Quarters slugfest that went the distance before sealing the win on Squirrel’s Peak. In doing so they also became the first team to win a tournament after being knocked into the lower bracket. Congratulations!

The Final Standings

1st Place

*[XD] AlexD
[XD] EtaN
[XD] Matteo
[XD] Firework
[XD] Cronkhinator

2nd Place

Nerf Nukes
[NN] Geiger
[NN] Bowser
[NN] Finn
[NN] Amburulo

3rd Place

Base Erasers
[BE] Teutonickk
[BE] mcc72k
[BE] Dirty Filthy Minigun Rusher
[BE] KillerGruetze

Challonge Bracket

*XDXDXD Team Captain was unable to participate due to wildfire activity, stay safe everyone.

And an honourable mention to team Hodge Pogs, who were willing to dive in when everyone else was too intimidated and whose unconventional tactics came perilously close to producing an upset.

Tournament replays will be made available through the Featured tab in the Replays menu within the next few days.

A German language cast is available for a short time from Goldspammers TV while individual matches with commentary are being added at Salzwerk YT

Thanks to English caster and lobby host Bobereto and caster Project Incursus with Special commentator EWG Developer Nozehed. And Ximsa creator of the Observer Tools mod.

You can watch the English cast of the tournament at:

Tournament XX Incursus Youtube


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