Forts Tournament XXI – 1v1 – Winners!

G’day Forts fans!

Six 2021 Ranked medalists. Two survivors from last week’s qualifier. Double elimination. Tournament XXI started off the new year with everything we could hope for. Classic matchups revisited and new rivalries formed. Strategic innovation and miraculous comebacks. Doorsnipes, massive explosions, sudden collapses, and above all outstanding play from all parties.

Congratulations to EtaN the first Forts Champion of 2022! The road to victory for the number one seed weaved like a smoking warhead. The first scare came in the second round against perennial nemesis Matteo. Then a loss in the semifinals against Noha who put on a clinic of efficient Architect defense. For the first time EtaN found himself in the position of underdog, needing to battle back from the lower bracket.

The prospect of sudden death did nothing to encourage a more conservative approach. But who anticipated an all-in portal mortar rush? The high risk, high reward strategy paid off and earned him a spot in the finals and a rematch against Noha. Mortars again carried the day as he took the next two matches with a series of pixel perfect shots.

Congratulations also to Noha and Firework, our runner-up and 3rd place finishers. While Noha’s colorful journey onto the competitive scene has had its ups and downs his stellar performance here solidifies his position as a top player and title contender. Firework’s consistent results have made him a permanent fixture within the top 10, reaching a high of 2nd last Season.

bl00dparasite is another competitor to watch moving forward. Advancing through qualifying with unique builds and playing seldom picked commanders they’ve demonstrated unconventional tactics can compete at the highest levels. Will this inspire the next wave of players?

The matches from Tournament XXI and the qualifying event are now available to download through the Featured tab of the Forts Replays menu. You absolutely need to see Matteo’s spectacular comeback showing how the loss of your heavy weapons can be countered with map control.

As always, thank you to Ximsa, creator of Observer Tools. Thank you to our competitors for investing their time and effort into mastering the game, the mapmaking competition winners who provided two of the current battlegrounds, Bobereto host of the qualifiers.

And thank you Special commentator Noze and our tournament host, Project Incursus. The full cast of the live tournament is available now on his channel.



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