Forts Tournament XXII

G’day Forts fans!

It’s tournament time again!

Tournament XXII will be a 2v2 Team Death Match event. As with Tournament XXI, we will once again be extending invitations to past 2v2 champions for direct entry. We will also be holding another qualifying event where anyone may compete to earn a spot in the tournament.

What past 2v2 champions you may ask? Anyone familiar with the Forts competitive scene will no doubt have guessed that we’re talking about the Forts Pro League which was run by Reloflex for 2 seasons. The FPL was one of the primary forces behind the shifting meta, popularizing everything from the shotgun support base to tinydoors to anti-greed buzzsaws. Nearly every ranked and tournament champion was at one time a competitor in the FPL and we are more than thrilled to see them reunite in Tournament XXII.

Any finalist from seasons I and II of the FPL and the teammate of their choice will be granted direct entry into Tournament XXII without needing to qualify. Their teammate does not need to fulfill any requirements. Everyone else will need to compete in a qualifying event in order to secure their spot.

The qualifying event will be held on Feb 19th at 3PM EST and hosted by Bobereto and Project Incursus. Tournament XXII will take place Feb 26th at 3PM EST where our casting crew will also be joined by special guest EtaN, winner of Tournament XXI.

The FPL’s legacy lives on

How will qualifying work?

Spaces in Tournament XXII will first be reserved for the previous winners and runners-up from Seasons I and II of Reloflex’s 2v2 Forts Pro League who wish to participate. FPL finalists may pick any teammate and will be granted automatic entry directly into Tournament XXII. Additional teams may gain entry by signing up and competing in the qualifying tournament.

How do you earn entry into Tournament XXII from the qualifying tournament?

The remaining spots will be awarded to the top finishers of the qualifying tournament with tiebreakers held as needed.

How large will the qualifying tournament be? How many tournament XXII spaces will be available?

This will depend on the total number of entries and the number of FPL finalists who choose to enter. There will be a maximum of 8 positions in Tournament XXII.

What format will the qualifier have?

This will also depend upon the number of participants. We may use a mix of single elimination and double elimination rounds depending on the final size of the tournament in order to fit time constraints. We may also give first round byes to top seeds if there is an asymmetrical bracket, such as 12 total players.

Please note however. As before, both tournaments will also feature commander bans. At the start of each match both competitors will be asked to select the commander they would like to ban. The two banned commanders may not be chosen by either player for that game on penalty of immediate disqualification.

Seeds? How will players be seeded?

Players in the qualifying tournament will be seeded first on the basis of FPL performances if available. Then using Ranked and tournament history, otherwise randomly determined.

Tournament XXII seedings will first be assigned to any participating FPL finalists and for the qualifying teams on the basis of their results from the qualifying tournament.

If you have any additional questions please contact us on Discord.

In order to participate, you must do the following…

  • Join the Official FORTS Discord
  • Your name on Discord and Steam must match and include your team tag (see below)
  • Inappropriate competitor names will not be accepted
  • Send a direct message on Discord to Romerolagus#9918 with your team name, tag and roster
  • Team names must be 12 characters or less
  • Team tags should be 3 characters
  • Qualifying teams will also be asked to provide a team logo (128×128 pixels)
  • Entries will be accepted up until the the start of the qualifying tournament, Feb 19th 12PM PST
  • FPL I and II winners and runners-up (and partners) granted automatic entry into Tournament XXII
  • All other entrants must compete in a qualifying tournament on Feb 19th at 12PM PST
  • The qualifying tournament results will be used to fill the remaining Tournament XXI slots
  • Maximum of 8 total participants for Tournament XXII

[b]Team Meme
[EWG] Knightsinclair
[EWG] Romerolagus[/b]

Sample Team and Logo


  • Qualifier Tournament will be held Feb 19th, 2022 at…
  • 12PM (PST West Coast USA)
  • 3PM (EST East Coast USA)
  • 8PM UTC/GMT (London)
  • 9PM CET (France, Germany)
  • 6AM AEDT (Eastern Australia)

  • Tournament XXII starts Feb 26, 2022 at…
  • 12PM (PST West Coast USA)
  • 3PM (EST East Coast USA)
  • 8PM UTC/GMT (London)
  • 9PM CET (France, Germany)
  • 6AM AEDT Jan 16th (Eastern Australia)



  • 2v2 Death Match
  • Double elimination
  • 15 minute time limit
  • Tons of Guns enabled
  • Moonshot enabled
  • Portals enabled
  • Commanders enabled
  • Commander bans! Each team selects 1 commander to ban at the start of each game
  • Failure to honour the bans will result in immediate disqualification
  • Draws decided by core damage inflicted (total damage if same core damage)
  • Maximum of 8 teams
  • Check-in on Discord at least 15 minutes before tournament start
  • Late or absent players forfeit their matches
  • Use of exploits or bugs for self-charging or any other purpose is strictly forbidden.
  • Earthwork Games reserves the right to make changes to this event as needed


Project Incursus
With special commentator Nozehed


Selected From Scratch maps included with Forts.


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