Forts Tournament XXIII – High Seas 2v2 – Winners!

G’day Forts fans.

Congratulations to team Seep, winners of Tournament XXIII, our first official High Seas tournament! You may remember Seep placing second last tournament behind Sussles, but in a surprise twist the two teams dissolved and reformed themselves between tournaments, trading partners in the process. AlexD and Firework combined to win Tournament XXII over EtaN and Matteo. In Tournament XXIII it was AlexD and Matteo against EtaN and Firework as ex-partners faced off against each other in a round robin tournament.

There’s no escape in round robin. The seedings and bracket can’t help you and there’s no avoiding unfavorable matchups. Team Seep ran the table, scoring a perfect 3 – 0 against the competition. In second place, Team Death Fridge took second, notching 2 victories along the way. And relative newcomers Team No, playing with a last second replacement player, acquitted themselves admirably performing above expectations to claim third.

We saw a little everything this tournament with the High Seas meta shakeup. Booming deckguns. Teams gambling on their ability to both land and defend Orbital strikes. Dominant AA and map control falling suddenly to relentless waves of planes. The judicious use of surprise howitzers and missiles. Clutch domes. And of course, the same high level sniper and laser and cannon play Forts tournaments are known for, now with 50% more shotguns.

1st Place

[XD] AlexD
[XD] Matteo

2nd Place

Death Fridge
[KV2] EtaN
[KV2] Firework

3rd Place

[YES] Gengar
[YES] Flinnshadow

Challonge Bracket

If you enjoy high level Forts we highly recommend watching the replays, now available from the Featured tab of the Forts Replays menu. Watch the builds step by step and see the level of coordination on display as the teams execute. Also track their resources live, courtesy of Ximsa’s Observer tools.

As always, thank to our hosts and casters, Bobereto, Frazzz and Project Incursus with Special commentator Noze.

Tournament videos now available:


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