Forts Tournament XXIV – High Seas 1v1 – Winners!

G’day Forts fans.

Congratulations to EtaN, winner of Tournament XXIV, our first official High Seas 1v1 Tournament! EtaN faced off against perhaps his toughest opponent, timezones, on his way towards adding another victory to his already monumental collection. The earlier start time was embraced by players in other regions though as we saw a number of first time competitors able to participate.

One of those newcomers, Dranistian advanced all the way to the semifinals to face off against their mentor, AlexD in a tense mirror build match. Experience won out as AlexD went on to meet EtaN in a best of three finals while Dranistian played a back and forth bronze match against Mech70 on The Leviathan going down to the wire. Mech70’s own road to bronze was full of ups and downs. He narrowly escaped the very first match of the tournament against a perfectly executed Buster portal mortar rush. Putting on a defensive clinic how to not simply survive, but also hoard resources enough to produce weapons and take the offensive while under constant fire. His run at the title was finally halted by EtaN in a duel of planes.

Speaking of planes, the Nighthawk emerged as the weapon of choice for ending 1v1 High Seas matches. Deckguns were predominant in Tournament XXIII. In XXIV, victory most often went to the player best able to defend against, and land their own Nighthawks. Will this trend continue or will more advanced defensive designs render them obsolete? Stay tuned to find out!

If you enjoy high level Forts we highly recommend watching the replays, now available from the Featured tab of the Forts Replays menu. Analyze their builds with the help of Ximsa’s Observer tools.

Challonge Bracket

As always, thank to our hosts and casters, Bobereto and Project Incursus.

Tournament video now available:


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