Forts Tournament XXVI – High Seas 2v2 Co-op – Winners!


G’day Forts fans!

Congratulations to team Incursus=BAR, winners of Tournament XXVI!

EtaN and Cloud made the most of their opportunity to collect another tournament victory and simultaneously make a not-so-subtle game recommendation to our host and caster Project Incursus. Leveraging their overwhelming APM and ability to manage the chaos of High Seas projectile laden skies they stormed to victory over their opponents.

Incursus=BAR clearing the skies with shotguns

In second, team Green Leaf follows up a 6th place finish in the inaugural season of the FPL with their best result to date. After being knocked out of the top half of the double elimination bracket by Incursus=BAR, Vykro and Dranistian emerged from the bottom half for the rematch. This time they would manage to take one game before ultimately losing the best of 3.

Team Green Leaf locked in a slugfest with Up Grade Santé

And the even less subtly named Beyond All Reason in third place. AlexD and Helicopter not being shy about advertising their love of the RTS genre. A love shared by many Forts players, as witnessed above. Their tournament run ended in a duel of Thunderbolts against team Green Leaf.

A battle of BARs as Beyond All Reason brings the deckguns and cannons to bear against Commando BAR

1st Place – $100 in Steam Gift cards


  • EtaN
  • Cloud

2nd Place – $50 in Steam Gift cards

Green Leaf

  • Vykro
  • Dranistian

3rd Place – $20 in Steam Gift cards

Beyond All Reason

  • AlexD
  • Helicopter

Prizes split equally between teammates

Challengermode Bracket

Tournament XXVI Bracket

Replays & VODs

Thank you to hosts and casters Project Incursus and Salzwerk.

Tournament replays are now available in the Featured tab of the Replays menu in-game, and tournament videos are available below.


German cast with Salzwerk and Der Goldjunge

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