Forts Tournament XXVII – High Seas 3v3 TDM – Winners!


G’day Forts fans!

Congratulations to team Boat Cannoneers, winners of Tournament XXVII!

EtaN, Taichu, and Tar set sail and dominated the High Seas with their offensive and defensive prowess. They did not emerge unscathed though, with both BOGships and MotoPinderCircus taking them to sudden death in their best of 3’s.

Eagle Eye’s AA miniguns can’t help now, will this Orbital strike home?

In second, team MotoPinderCircus were not content to play it safe. Gusteagle, Karaba, and pile rouillée showed absolute commitment with several high risk, high reward strategies. Producing one of the most memorable first strikes ever seen in tournament Forts.

2:15 into the match, Team MotoPinderCircus introducing Team Green Leaf to Mortar o’clock

And in 3rd place, team Green Leaf skillfully employing proven strategies and consistently making deep runs in tournaments. How much longer can the veterans fend them off before they claim their first title?

Team Green Leaf’s Deckguns doing the talking

1st Place – $150 in Steam Gift cards

Boat Cannoneers

  • EtaN
  • Tar
  • Taichu

2nd Place – $75 in Steam Gift cards


  • Gusteagle
  • Karaba
  • pile rouillée

3rd Place – $30 in Steam Gift cards

Green Leaf

  • Dranistian
  • Robostos
  • Vykro

Prizes split equally between teammates

Challengermode Bracket

Tournament XXVII Bracket

Replays & VODs

Thank you to hosts and casters Project Incursus, Salzwerk, and GoldSpammer

Tournament replays will soon be available in the Featured tab of the Replays menu in-game, and tournament videos are available below.


German cast with Salzwerk and GoldSpammer

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