Forts Tournament XXVIII – Moonshot 1v1 – Winners!


G’day Forts fans!

Congratulations to EtaN, winner of Tournament XXVIII!

Perhaps more than any other player, EtaN excels at exploiting the smallest of margins to pile up big victories. Always managing to be a tiny bit faster, a fraction more efficient, or a hairsbreadth more accurate. The gaps are small, but added together they widen the gap between champion and contender.

EtaN’s cannon finding the skillgap in Hallrassy’s base to devastating effect

In second, Der Benzinpreisvergleicher relentlessly fought for map control in every single game. The state of the match reflected in the size of their ever expanding bases. It’s an exhausting style of play that carried them all the way to the finals.

Der Benzin methodically taking control of a mortar matchup vs Helicopter

And in 3rd place, Dranistian once again demonstrated their versatility. Selecting one of the widest assortment of commanders and strategies out of any competitor. Seep missiles, Hurricane mortars, Scattershot 20mm, Firebird rockets, just to name a few.

Dranistian leveraging Seep warheads

1st Place – $100 in Steam Gift cards

  • EtaN

2nd Place – $50 in Steam Gift cards

  • Der Benzinpreisvergleicher

3rd Place – $20 in Steam Gift cards

  • Dranistian

Challengermode Bracket

Tournament XXVIII Bracket

Replays & VODs

Thank you to hosts and casters Project Incursus, Salzwerk, Fortfighter, and Nikita

Tournament replays will soon be available in the Featured tab of the Replays menu in-game, and tournament videos are available below.

English casts with Incursus

German cast with Salzwerk and Fortfighter

Russian cast with Nikita

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