Forts Update 1.20


G’day Forts fans!

This update contains several quality of life improvements and general fixes. See below.

Multiplayer Loading Screen

The multiplayer loading screen has been upgraded to show the map, the players on each side – including their medals and loading progress, and the logos and names of the sides.

See how fast your rig is at loading compared to others.

Replay Descriptions

Replays can now be given a short description in the pause menu, and be tagged as a favourite. The description is shown in the replay selection screen, and can be changed later. This will help you keep track of replays of interest.
As always, there are a bunch of other fixes and improvements. The observer tools especially have been polished after feedback. Ranked players will be happy to know that matches with players with ping above 300ms are now rejected. There are also a few additions and fixes to the scripting API. See the full list of changes below.

Change list dlc2 27 r14189

Add: multiplayer loading screen with map preview and player details
Add: description and favourite option replay details to pause menu
Add: GetLocalClientIndex and GetClientTeamId script functions to get the local client index and client team ids
Add: resave_replay command with observer tools customisation override
Add: -stripchat option to resave_replay command
Add: Pin checkbox for observer tools filters
Add: Show stats of relative resource gain per sec in observer tools
Add: GetBlockOwner and SetBlockOwner script functions
Add: GetWeaponMinFireSpeed script function

Fix: Particle effects are released from idle weapons due to cursor movement
Fix: Placing any struts during simulation makes projectiles despawn
Fix: (Orbital Laser) fires twice when the beacon hits a device under water
Fix: (Orbital Laser) fires when launched up from under water (thanks Squet)
Fix: save command fails to copy packed files
Fix: when projectiles exist, the save command reproduces them as structural joints
Fix: stuttering during before first game due to preloading large textures
Fix: clients drop out when watching instant replay after host quits
Fix: Observer Tools override changes not saved correctly to local replays
Fix: passing neutral structure will allow weapons to fire without opening doors
Fix: propellers and turbines facing wrong way
Fix: (ModManager) rare crash when searching for mod dependencies in un-terminated file buffer
Fix: (Trail effect) redundant memory allocations are made: Keyframes parameter no longer used
Fix: crash when editing a map with a missing ground texture
Fix: Custom observer tools textures not propagated to existing non playing clients in a lobby chatroom when changed
Fix: DLCs sometimes fail to load
Fix: IsPropType and GetPropName crash or return invalid results if index is out of range
Fix: Observer Tools Reactor Labels are rendered over the top of the replay HUD and other UI elements
Fix: Observer Tools visibility state only saved when observer hud customisation is enabled
Fix: Observer Tools visible over normal HUD after restarting match during instant replay
Fix: the invalid texture is freed when loading a map with a missing ground texture
Fix: crash when Log* functions are passed text longer that 1024 characters
Fix: (TerrainEditor::CreateBlock) sets block owner according to local team, without converting to side
Fix: BeamMaxTravel is clamped to the world diagonal distance, limiting beams fired from outside the world bounds

Improve: (ranked) fail match if latency is over 300ms
Improve: Save observer tools filter settings between matches and sessions
Improve: (map editor) only draw structure bounds when a node is selected
Improve: (LoadControl) the callback is automatically set for all buttons, with code -1
Improve: (replay HUD and upload map dialog) disambiguate name of root controls
Improve: (scripting functions) parent can be the name of the root control
Improve: Changed countdown and match timers to use improved readout font
Improve: Changed replay timer to display current match time
Improve: Layout of Observer Tools Reactor Labels to remove unnecessary UI clutter
Improve: Layout of Observer Tools team names, commander, commander gauge and avatar UI elements
Improve: Observer tools shows current match time instead of countdown time while there is no active countdown
Improve: Re-add team colours to chat system message player names
Improve: Replace Observer Tools number readout with better font
Improve: Replace Resource Panel number readouts with better font
Improve: Shift Observer Tools reactor labels an additional 100 units away from the reactors
Improve: Switch observer tools badge and timer positions
Improve: Observer Tools Filters auto hide in a similar fashion to the unpinned replay HUD
Improve: Observer Tools Reactor labels for other powered devices (barrels, control) are minimised be default
Improve: Observer Tools Reactor Label positioning improved for other powered devices (barrels, control)
Improve: Observer tools relative resource rate field changed to individual resource rate

Optimise: remove redundant trail keyframes

Remove: (AddSpriteControl) documentation of non-existent ‘style’ parameter
Remove: “Filters” checkbox for observer tools filters (redundant now that we can unpin filters)


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