Forts Update 1.21


G’day Forts fans!

We’re back with another bi-monthly update covering a range of important bug fixes and quality of life improvements, to serve the Forts community and enhance the playing experience. We’ve also included a few commander changes. Read on for more.


Post-Battle Stats

Individual player stats now appear in the battle results screen.

Hot on the heels of the Observer HUD and multiplayer loading screen comes the post-battle stats screen. After the battle has ended, players will get a breakdown of how each player fared, individually listing damage done and reactor health left. Ordered by Damage Done, this feature will allow players, observers, streamers and viewers a handy overview of player performance. It’s even shown during replays.


Energy Shield now absorbs firing resources as well as reflecting beams, giving Shockenaugh an edge against beam-happy opponents. Shocker!

In line with the hyper theme of the character, Hurricane’s Repair Stations now reduce the duration of the EMP effect of EMP Rockets and the like by half a second, each second. This effect stacks; the more Repair Stations, the quicker your weapons recover from EMP.

The banked shot ability added to Eagle Eye a couple of updates ago has proved effective. Perhaps too effective. We’ve give this a little tickle and increased the time to bank the extra shot from +20% up to +25%.


Change list dlc2 28 r14448

Add: player stats to multiplayer results panel
Add: Add results window to end of a multiplayer replay
Add: Add round scores (if configured in obs tools customisation) to results screen
Add: Lobby chat warning message when current map has no AI
Add: Map/mod edit box and filters to workshop screen
Add: GetProjectileClientId, SetProjectileClientId script functions for player stat tracking of script created projectiles
Add: GetWeaponClientId and SetWeaponClientId script functions for player stat tracking of script created weapons
Add: Observer Tools HUD pulse background of last built field when important constructions occur
Add: Show event of important item construction tech
Add: Host option to enable artificial lag for host
Add: EMPRepairFieldRadius and EMPRepairFieldRate properties to device repair field to reduce EMP effect (RepairFieldPeriod must be > 0)

Balance: (Shockenaugh) absorbs firing resources as well as reflecting beams
Balance: (Hurricane) Repair Stations reduce EMP effect at half time
Balance: (Eagle Eye) increase time to bank extra shot from +20% to +25%

Fix: ranked map preview is sometimes missing
Fix: joining players sometimes reset the lobby’s game mode (thanks Vykro)
Fix: scripts are able to allocate unlimited amounts of memory, causing the PC to grind to a halt
Fix: (Shockenaugh) the energy used to fire beam weapons is not absorbed by shields
Fix: Debug Console vars available in multiplayer matches
Fix: non-owning clients send door close messages when deleting a weapon
Fix: lobby ready and mod remove buttons can be spam clicked
Fix: desync caused by sprites with a ‘colour’ table or with invalid frame textures
Fix: desync of playing clients when a client connects at the same time as another joins
Fix: all structures are suddenly destroyed when zero speed projectiles collide
Fix: crash when weapon animation scripts cause an exception
Fix: crash when the only node ‘mass’ is negative in building_materials.lua
Fix: crash during preview and construction when there are no bracing plates in building_materials.lua
Fix: (SetWeaponReloadTime) documentation says remaining time, when it should be progress time
Fix: crash when a player drops out and then tries to send loading progress
Fix: English Workshop item names are overwritten with local language display names when updating a workshop item
Fix: Observer Tools HUD Label and Commander filters not applied when starting a match/replay
Fix: Observer Tools HUD text bleed for long team names
Fix: Observer Tools Metal rollover text field not set correctly
Fix: Select button is not added to hosts downloaded lobby chat line messages after subscribing to a selected map/mod
Fix: Unregistering console vars not correctly comparing string names
Fix: (UpdateGroundTriangles script function) no effect during gameplay
Fix: (GetBlockVertexPos script function) crash when vertexIndex is out of range
Fix: (EnumerateStructureLinks script function) matchSide parameter doesn’t function correctly
Fix: lobby medal popup is shown over afk and desync messages
Fix: desync message shows ‘Due to inactivity your game is not discoverable’ if host was previously away
Fix: commander can be charged by reflected projectiles attacking team-mates
Fix: Uninitialised data in Observer Tools
Fix: Observer Tools teams scores not sent to clients in lobby
Fix: restarted campaign missions produce replays which desync
Fix: (reactor) sprite unnecessarily depends on construction sprites, causing desyncs when textures are replaced
Fix: Observer Tools isn’t initialised until second frame of match
Fix: Players can delete built in maps in the editor map select list
Fix: Maps and Mods items offset from each other in workshop screen
Fix: filter edit box shadow consistency in map and mod select screens
Fix: Text filter is not applied after toggling ‘Use English Names’ in map selection screen
Fix: (bind command) commands are not triggered by key
Fix: (bind command) commands with paged output are not escaped
Fix: (bind command) doesn’t wait for key
Fix: (bind command) key is added to prompt after selection
Fix: (keylist command) listing doesn’t show entire key label

Improve: increase ranked ping limit to 350ms
Improve: Remember last tab in Workshop screen when re-opening and only populate tabs when made visible
Improve: AbsorbsBeams is mutually exclusive to ReflectsBeams (materials can do both or either)
Improve: repair, EMP repair, and disruption device abilities are mutually exclusive
Improve: Vertical positioning of victory/defeat results
Improve: DedicatedHost setting is written to settings_hardware.lua when disabled for easier editing
Improve: (bind and keylist commands) control modifiers are localised
Improve: (bind command) is cancelled by pressing Escape

Remove: option to disable anti-air in Skirmish and Multiplayer


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