Forts Update 1.22


G’day Forts fans!

Having taken a mid-year break, we’re back on our regular bi-monthly cadence with Update 1.22, which includes Quick Battle mode, Vulkan graphics, as well as the usual balance updates and improvements. Read on for more.


Quick Battle Mode

Three battles of instant action have been added in this new mode. Primarily aimed at onboarding new players, these missions aim to get recruits into the action fast, focusing on showing off the the magic of Forts’ physics and destruction, without having to worry about resources and build order. Let her rip!


Vulkan Graphics

Shifting to Vulkan has been a major effort to modernise Forts’ rendering. The ageing fixed-function OpenGL isn’t cutting it anymore. The primary motivation was to resolve issues with dated OpenGL drivers. It will provide users of Intel graphics a possible solution when they suffer from the glitched pixels bug, for example. Not only this, but it has proven to be higher performing, and relieves the CPU of significant work.

We consider the Vulkan renderer to be experimental at this stage, so it’s turned off by default. You can enable it by going into Options -> Video and checking ‘Enable Vulkan’. Feel free to send us feedback on issues at You can switch back to OpenGL at any time.


Balance Changes

Runway temperature gauge increases with each Thunderbolt launches.

  • Architect – Active Ability: Duration reduced from 30 to 24 seconds (-20%)
  • Architect – Active Ability: Takes 50% more damage to charge on attack and defense
  • Moonshine – Active Ability: 20mm Cannon EMP visual radius matches actual radius
  • Phantom – Passive Ability: remove damage hiding as it reveals the commander’s identity
  • Runway: Overheats after 7 rapidly launched Thunderbolts, or 3 Nighthawks
  • Upgraded Runway: Overheats after 8 rapidly launched Thunderbolts, or 4 Nighthawks


Change list dlc2 29 r15084

Add: Support for Vulkan renderer, toggled with Options -> Video -> Enable Vulkan (experimental)
Add: Tooltips to main menu, toggled with Options -> Game -> Enable Tips
Add: HeatPerRound variable to ammo which triggers heating on individual rounds
Add: Save custom user screen positions to settings_screens.lua
Add: (Moonshine) projectile properties MoonshineEMPRadius and MoonshineEMPEffect to override defaults

Balance: (Architect active) reduced from 30 to 24 seconds (-20%)
Balance: (Architect) takes 50% longer to charge on attack and defense
Balance: (Phantom) remove damage hiding as it reveals the commander’s identity
Balance: (Runway) overheats after 7 rapidly launched Thunderbolts
Balance: (Runway) overheats after 3 rapidly launched Nighthawks
Balance: (Runway 2) overheats after 8 rapidly launched Thunderbolts
Balance: (Runway 2) overheats after 4 rapidly launched Nighthawks

Fix: (ranked) 2v2 leaderboard ‘not found’ warnings are spammed to the log unnecessarily
Fix: (ranked) console drops with no message when client leaves after battle
Fix: (ranked) Leaderboard error is shown when joining lobby from alert popup
Fix: (Scattershot active) machinegun cooldown adjustment affects all other weapons
Fix: check_symmetry pivot always shown as 0 when map is not marked as symmetrical
Fix: AI can’t rebuild a starting device requiring more than one upgrade
Fix: All user screen positions get cleared when restoring or deleting a screen position that doesn’t exist
Fix: Camera positions of cutscene during replays are sometimes incorrect
Fix: Campaign mission medal drop effect misalignment
Fix: Campaign mission results screen oil/star drops sometimes don’t update to the active state
Fix: ClientManager::ActivateCommander allows out of range teamId
Fix: crash on replay desync while watching instant replays in multiplayer
Fix: Crash when some script function indices are above range
Fix: Crash when using save on Workshop maps
Fix: desync when mods use weapon unlock sound events from High Seas
Fix: DLC store links in main menu don’t use steam overlay
Fix: Floating node created due to stress – causes desync when attached to
Fix: Fort physics destabilises when zero mass struts have a -1 mass device attached
Fix: Forts pans the view while the game window is not active.
Fix: In Second Amendment mgs can be destroyed and rebuilt during cutscene, breaking objective
Fix: IsDoor script function always returns false
Fix: Medals are shown against players in ranked game results panel
Fix: Micro doors created by building armour in front of weapons
Fix: Player damage is not consistent at results screen after seeking
Fix: players can open doors for allies when painting targets
Fix: Poor performance when many blocks are selected in the map editor.
Fix: Repairing shield is not shown as deactivated.
Fix: Slow map editing performance in complex maps.
Fix: Sniper can paint targets on your base.
Fix: Spook commander script exceptions when joining after desync.
Fix: Teams are not complete in Load callback in replays, causing desyncs
Fix: Unlock All Weapons mod doesn’t work for upgrades with prerequisites
Fix: Upgrading a ground device then saving in the map editor while paused leaves behind the original device
Fix: Upgrading via hotkey allows player to ignore population caps for inverted ground devices.
Fix: Weapons with a high ammo count display it weirdly, now as a number
Fix: when upgrading with insufficient resources, the failure mode is UD_PREREQUISITENOTMET
Fix: When zoomed out, it is difficult to select from the context menu for weapons that require target painting.
Fix: World::ActivateCommander allows out of range teamId

Improve: made aim icon more crosshair-like
Improve: (Moonshine active) 20mm EMP visual effect matches the size of the actual effect
Improve: (projectile_wireframes console var) EMP radius is drawn in blue
Improve: Add “Quit” button for linear campaign victory screen so don’t need to advance first before quitting to main menu
Improve: Clickable Community Hub Options text
Improve: Credits Screen link added to Game Tab in Options Screen to make space for Quick Battle
Improve: made effects/click.lua sound non positional so it doesn’t move around when saving camera positions
Improve: Skip unnecessary CPU dds decompression to reduce load times
Improve: Spook selects the closest enemy fort opposite when multiple are colinear.

Remove: “click” audio trigger from restore user screen actions


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