Forts Update 1.23


G’day Forts fans!

We hope you’ve been pummelling the forts of your friends.

Although we don’t talk much about what’s coming, be sure that we are working hard to improve the experience. Some of this work is not glamorous, but we strive to provide a solid experience and smooth rough edges. In that spirit, this update addresses a range of small, medium and large issues that have been reported by you, or found in our own testing.

Headline items include a new option to avoid reported players, population level and cap displays, and the ability to turn off special themes (i.e. Halloween and Christmas).

Our team will continue to deliver improvements to Forts, and we welcome your suggestions and feedback. Happy holidays!


Change List dlc2 30 r15445

Add: “Add to player avoidance list” checkbox to reporting dialog
Add: ‘Enable Special Themes’ game option
Add: Firebeam overheat sound
Add: Population level and cap readout to device tool tips and context menu upgrade preview
Add: Projectiles that are alive post collision are now hidden from scripts
Add: ‘Target Allies’ combat mod for missile aiming in free-for-all mods (TargetAllies in db/rules.lua)

Fix: (AddTextControl, AddTextButtonControl, AddButtonControl, AddSpriteControl) memory leak when parent isn’t found
Fix: (Hurricane active) machine guns overheat after two bursts
Fix: (Moorings) gap exists between top foundation and ground
Fix: (Moorings) ToGA1 fort fails to build a mine, blocking remaining script
Fix: (ranked) host can update opponents before client receives the leaderboard, prematurely reaching match limit
Fix: (ranked) in rare cases players can be unable to match with each other
Fix: (Seep) armoured EMP rockets will trigger an EMP when hit once
Fix: 20mm cannon can fire through a device placed in front of it after it has begun firing
Fix: After ejecting when joining a full lobby you are given a rejoin highlight for it
Fix: Beam end time now works to stop FMOD events at (BeamDuration – BeamEndEffectTime)
Fix: BLOCKFLAG_PassProjectiles, *PassBeams, and *Hazard incorrectly set *NoSplash
Fix: BLOCKFLAG_WaterLevel, *EdgeWithFill, *CanBuildOver, and *NoDrawEdges are missing from shapes.lua and not handled in SetBlockFlags
Fix: Converting a connected material before a structure breaks can convert it back
Fix: EtaN’s absurd medal count doesn’t fit in trophy cabinet
Fix: Joining observers in end screen display in a team, or cause crash
Fix: Local connections time out when game is in progress
Fix: Mortar kills count towards Second Amendment sniper objective
Fix: Non-consumable ammo appears available on the context menu when it can’t be used due to missing ammo
Fix: Players can be banned from lobbies they were not in
Fix: Projectile vs projectile collisions can cause infinite loops
Fix: Recordings can capture a frame from previous recording
Fix: Repair station allows shield to skip warmup state
Fix: Replay desync (terrain) when player re-joins HS match
Fix: Screen flickers the desktop when entering a loading screen or entering of leaving the multiplayer lobby
Fix: Projectile trails can lag the game when used in an accelerator
Fix: Some characters have incorrect width
Fix: some non-default weapon ammo firing effects are not shown to enemy
Fix: Struts can overlap devices on the edge of their platform
Fix: Struts exceeding max length become segmented (aka wooden ropes)
Fix: Team details incorrect in ranked loading screen
Fix: Thread shutdown issue by allowing threads to exit
Fix: Uploading new items before accepting steam workshop agreement can create a broken workshop item

Improve: (tutorial 2) Increased height while still keeping top of player fort visible at bottom of screen
Improve: (tutorial 2) Spacebar zooms camera in and out of reactor at start
Improve: (tutorial 2) When selecting MG spacebar zooms in and out. Removed automated zoom out.
Improve: (tutorial 2) When selecting mortar spacebar zooms in and out. Removed automated zoom out.
Improve: Changed orbital laser fire sounds to react to being stopped and play their wind down sound
Improve: Duplicate sprites cause a warning rather than an error
Improve: Kicked players are kept out of new lobbies for the set duration
Improve: Max zoom for the context menu adjusted

Optimise: Effects rendering in Vulkan

Remove: Instantaneous spend/refund costs from HUD and Observer Tools resource rate readouts


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