Forts Update 1.24

G’day Forts fans!

After a restful end-of-year break, the EWG team has been back at work with improvements and bug fixes. Highlights include dragging the mouse when placing weapons to set their direction, two new menu backgrounds have been added, and the stuck loading while joining bug has been solved. Our many Ukrainian players can now enjoy reading their native language. For Modders there are a few new functions, including the powerful SnapToWorld, as well as DeleteBlock and DeleteBlockVertex for manipulating terrain during gameplay. If you encounter players you would rather not engage with but don’t want to report, you can click on the frowning face button next to them in the Lobby to silently avoid them in future. There’s also a new screen to remove players from avoidance. Further details and the full change list can be found below.


Drag Weapon Direction

Clicking and dragging when placing a weapon now sets its direction.
[hr][/hr]To help streamline the controls, and reduce friction in the heat of battle, we have added the ability to drag left or right when placing a weapon to set its facing. This makes it quicker and easier to determine which way to shoot when it matters most. Of course, if you’re happy setting the direction with the classic HUD buttons, those are still available. The feature can be toggled in Options > Game > Enable Drag Weapon Facing.

Menu Screen Update

Updated front end screens.
[hr][/hr]As some of you will have noticed, a while ago we freshened up the Steam store and social media channels with a fresh lick of paint in the form of new key art. Now that the paint has dried, we are adding it as the default menu background.

If you’re a fan of the previous menu background art, these can be selected from the options screen, with the vanilla version select-able under the Classic title, with the Tons of Guns version also available.

YouTube Tutorial Playlist

Click on the Sal Vaux news item in the Forts main menu to start watching!
New to Forts? Maybe you want to take your play to the next level? Either way, check out the tutorials playlist on our YT channel for tips and tactics to up your game. Selected from Forts content creators new and old, the subjects covered range from the very basics of base building, to advanced tactics like tier 3 cannons.

If you’ve seen a tutorial video that we’ve missed, be sure to put it in the ‘Suggestions’ channel on the Forts Official Discord.

Change List dlc2 31 r15673

Add: Classic and Tons of Guns menu skins
Add: Drag weapon direction (Option > Game > Enable Weapon Drag Facing)
Add: Script functions DeleteBlock and DeleteBlockVertex
Add: SnapToWorld script function to quickly find nearest ground, link, node, device, etc.
Add: frowning face buttons in lobby to avoid players for 30 days
Add: UI to edit avoidance lists
Add: Ukrainian translation

Balance: increase runway and runway2 reload times from 0.7s to 1.05s (+50%)

Fix: (GetStructureInWater) typo in documentation
Fix: (Hungarian) some strings are not exported to game
Fix: (Loading screen) crash setting random tip when none are found
Fix: (Sandbox) with a weapon selected, selecting joints or struts of another team doesn’t switch to that team
Fix: reload_textures can be used during multiplayer matches
Fix: AI causes exception calling non-existent function GetStructureHasFoundation
Fix: blocks are not deselected when deleted using sweep_blocks
Fix: crash when rope is detached during BreakStructure
Fix: CreateBlock assigns the local player’s team as the owner of the block, causing desyncs
Fix: cursor doesn’t snap to nodes when a device is selected except for the first type
Fix: data desync when mods use base textures as projectile sprites
Fix: device preview snaps to vertical struts when tech is missing
Fix: editing terrain isn’t correctly supported on Vulkan
Fix: ground edges are not recalculated when block vertices are modified
Fix: ground nodes are not removed from selection when using sweep_blocks
Fix: holding the ‘zoom selection’ key and dragging the mouse only pans the view
Fix: if AI creates a strut and then deletes it, the strut becomes stuck
Fix: incorrect error is shown when trying to place a device at population limit
Fix: Nighthawk bombs don’t ignite fire when colliding with devices
Fix: OberverCustomiseScreen crash after changing keyboard layout
Fix: players are sometimes stuck at loading screen while joining
Fix: remote/replay cursors flash distractingly
Fix: shield deletion is cancelled by repair station
Fix: the Leviathan boats are bouncing at the beginning of the game.
Fix: unnecessary script events are called before SystemLoad and Load events
Fix: Workshop mods can be updated mid-match when a client with a newer version joins the lobby

Change List dlc2 31b r15681

Add: (FORTS-856) Devices.Drag.MinDistance and Devices.Drag.FacingStartTime to db/constants_user.lua

Improve: (FORTS-856) short delay before drag facing functions to allow rapid placement without changing direction

Fix: Phantom context button move button creates a new device instead of moving
Fix: Phantom move ability doesn’t work


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