Forts Update 1.25

G’day Forts fans!

No, this is not an April Fool! Update 1.25 has arrived on the first day of our bi-monthly cycle, a strategic manuever long intended and, at last, executed!


Multiplayer Lobby Update

In response to community requests, we have added extra features to the multiplayer lobby screen for extra ease of use and functionality.

  1. Settings – Lets you change the lobby settings without the need to restart the lobby.
  2. Options – Access the game options screen directly from the lobby.
  3. Randomise Teams – Allows host to reshuffle teams with one click.
  4. Sorted by Team – Teams are grouped together, and the host is indicated by the crown icon.
  5. Team Selection – Instantly select the desired team instead of cycling.
  6. Available Capacity – Shows when there is a surplus of players after a capacity reduction.
  7. Force Start – Ignore players who are not ready when starting a game.

Change List dlc2 32 r15978

Add: “Nested” tag for workshop items that contain dependencies to other workshop items
Add: Mods can be dependent on other mods using Include table in mod.lua
Add: AddResourcesContinuous script function to contribute to resource rates
Add: Display an error message if a mod doesn’t exist when trying to activate it
Add: Validation that all dependent workshop items exist when uploading an item to the workshop

Fix: (The Coming Storm) terrain over water
Fix: Weapon doors close prematurely while firing after 35 minutes
Fix: Weapons can’t shoot devices that are very close
Fix: Overdrive can’t downgrade without tech requirements of target
Fix: AI aiming can be incorrect for mortars where platform is sloped
Fix: Desync when joining in the place of an AI
Fix: GetStructurePos returns the incorrect position
Fix: Groups aren’t updated when a weapon is moved
Fix: Collision after portal can be incorrectly handled as a reflection
Fix: Angled mortars have incorrect previous shot markers at some angles
Fix: Crash when reflecting shields are destroyed from projectile splash damage caused by the beam
Fix: Crash when starting instant replay and invalid devices exist in weapon groups
Fix: Crash trying to extrude or link a material with an invalid door target in front of a weapon_list.lua
Fix: Extruding a material with a recession target over a weapon doesn’t recess it as is done with a single link
Fix: ExecuteInScript is unable to succeed when teamId matches the owner of the script, except for TEAM_ANY
Fix: AI and mission scripts are unable to call dofile
Fix: AI script ai/forts/hanging/long/fort-t1f1-TemplateHang-2.lua is unable to build or fire its lasers
Fix: Crash when using some terrain property keys with no terrain selected
Fix: First letter of Ukrainian language is not capitalised
Fix: Map Editor Save and Upload validates upload before saving map state, causing validation inconsistencies

Improve: When devices exceed population limits, they are now scrapped based on whether they are under construction, damaged, and how old they are
Improve: Bail out early with useful message when attempting to connect to an invalid Steam lobby id
Improve: Modifier keys can now be rebound through the options menu
Improve: Allow drag facing to work when moving a weapon via context menu
Improve: The options screen can now be accessed from the lobby (cog button)
Improve: lobby settings can be edited after starting the lobby (three lines button)
Improve: Can no longer report players who are on your friends list
Improve: Added a randomize teams button to the lobby
Improve: Show Cursor and Lock Teams moved to Lobby Settings
Improve: (Lock Teams) Allow new players to select their team when off
Improve: (Lock Teams) Prevents existing players from changing their team when off
Improve: Clients are sorted by team, and new popup for changing teams
Improve: New crown icon to indicate which player is the host
Improve: Removed the Player Details panel from the lobby select and expanded the server list
Improve: Added an icon on the lobby to show max player capacity
Improve: (ExecuteInScript) logs an error when the instruction causes an exception
Improve: add AI.AimingSpeedGraduations to constants.lua to increase aiming precision (at expense)
Improve: Environment mod and dependency upload validation
Improve: Generic workshop upload error message
Improve: jpg is attempted if dds, tga, and png extensions of a filename are not found
Improve: Map and campaign select screen mod download button placements for consistency
Improve: The lobby player panel has been reduced in size to make more space for the chat and mods panel


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