Forts Update 1.26

G’day Forts fans!

We’re pleased to announce today’s update! Thanks for waiting patiently. There are two major additions, a handy shortcut to Skirmish in the map editor, and a bunch of other improvements and fixes. Although there are no balance changes, we’ve got our eye on some for the next update. Stay tuned!

Co-op on Elimination

Knocked out of the game early? Assist your friends after you’re eliminated with this new feature.
[hr][/hr]To avoid people sitting out battles when they are taken out and keeping the fun rolling, we have added a new feature to allow you to join a teammate in their fort and carry on the battle. Using the above series of screenshots as an example, if you are manning the fort on the hill it will work like this:

  1. Happily building, battling and causing rubble in your original starting fort.
  2. Uh oh! Your reactor is destroyed, and you are left fort-less.
  3. Click on a teammates fort and confirm your choice to join them in co-op.
  4. Building, battling and causing rubble once more in your new home!

Off by default, to activate simply click the box marked Allow Co-op on Elimination in the Host Game/Lobby Settings screen.

Pause Decoupling

New pause button (1) has been added to right-hand panel, with the help button (2) shifted to the left. The lobby host can now bring up the menu panel without pausing the game, but still pause (3) if necessary.
[hr][/hr]We often receive feedback about wanting to stop the game and look around without pressure. With this update you can pause independently from the menu using the new hotkey, defaulting to F4, or the pause button on the HUD. While paused you can pan and zoom, inspect the enemy, read the item and commander tooltips, and refine your strategy. During multiplayer the host can now access their options screen without pausing everyone else in the game.

Change List dlc2 33 r16516

Add: Co-op elimination – when players are defeated they can join another fort on their side
Add: Game can be paused with F4, HUD button, and observer button while scene can be navigated
Add: ‘Save & Skirmish’ shortcut from map editor to rapidly test the current mission

Improve: (Lobby Select) layout adjusted to prevent overlap of controls in some languages
Improve: (Lobby Settings) Layout to improve alignment of controls
Improve: (Map Editor) Allow undo/redo when console is down
Improve: (SendScriptEvent) Lua errors are logged when executed on scripts
Improve: Added Avoid button to lobby “player has disconnected” message
Improve: Added option for Show Match Results In Replays, with the options Ask, Once Only, and Never
Improve: Added tips for propellers and smokestacks
Improve: Confirmation dialogue box when quitting lobby when clients are connected
Improve: Connection failure notices are shown in a message box instead of the console
Improve: Devices stop producing effects when disabled, turn off for an individual effect using StopWhileDisabled = false in their lua script
Improve: Options screen now uses a scrolling list
Improve: Overhauled credits screen to be a scrolling, centered list
Improve: PauseWithoutFocusSingleplayer setting can now be set on the options screen
Improve: Pausing the game is now decoupled from the pause menu in multiplayer
Improve: Prevented swastika symbols from showing in chat
Improve: Projectiles can reflect off shields with DestroyShield flag set and destroy them
Improve: Ranked season results are cached and display faster
Improve: Season list on the ranked screen is now scrolled to the end to show the current season
Improve: Skirmish configuration is saved between game sessions
Improve: Tooltips on lobby buttons

Fix: AI can undo strut deletion by deleting nodes consecutively
Fix: AI does not aim spotters before opening doors, causing desyncs
Fix: AI script ai/forts/hanging/long/fort-t1f1-TemplateHang-2.lua is unable to build or fire its lasers
Fix: Bad argument to AdjustMusicVolume error message at end of Quick Battle missions
Fix: Capture mode panel is not updating during instant replays
Fix: Console error and missing combined forces sprites in Motherlode mission
Fix: Crash after desync during LAN games
Fix: Crash in lobby when mods have long names
Fix: Crash when changing skins in the options screen
Fix: Crash when dofile is called at runtime
Fix: Crash when ShowResult script function is called in the map editor
Fix: Crash when using some terrain property keys with no terrain selected
Fix: Cutscene text is missing when missions are loaded via skirmish or replay
Fix: Devices explode when upgrade and destroy messages are received in the same frame
Fix: Devices marked for deletion are visible to scripts via DeviceExists, FindDeviceInstance, etc.
Fix: ‘dofile’ can no longer load files outside of the game’s file system
Fix: GetNextUpgradeStep doesn’t work for 2-barreled deckguns
Fix: If players interrupt lobby connection, they can get in later through orange listing
Fix: Input outside the game window will no longer trigger game actions in borderless fullscreen mode
Fix: Joining ‘Paused’ label is missing from loading screen while the host has the game paused
Fix: Lobby mod list is too short for its background panel
Fix: Lobby remove mod buttons disabled for host after accepting remove mod suggestion
Fix: Mortars can shoot each other when fired in a group in TDM
Fix: Observer tools are now hidden on the pause menu and after the game has ended
Fix: One end of a portal no longer gets reversed when a connected strut breaks
Fix: Penetrating projectiles terminate unless the projectile has a penetrate effect with Terminate = false
Fix: Players can connect via a public listing after a match has started
Fix: Players can bring up the pause menu before the results screen and break the end game flow
Fix: Population caps can’t be customized per side
Fix: Portal orientation is not affected by obstructing devices in Team Death Match
Fix: Pressing Escape or F1 when replay details menu is open doesn’t close the menu
Fix: Propellers function out of water
Fix: Scripts can no longer use dofile on inactive workshop items
Fix: Slave weapons can fire at illegal angles
Fix: Snipers don’t open doors for target painting when ‘Allow Target Self’ is enabled
Fix: Terrain surfaces don’t animate, e.g. hazard blocks and safe zones
Fix: The integer version of SimpleRandom::Range doesn’t evenly distribute values
Fix: The Storm environment forces weather to be on (no change to The Gathering Storm Pt 1 mission)
Fix: Tool tips can be stuck on after game ends
Fix: Turbines and smoke stacks function under water
Fix: Upgrade icon is missing in TDM
Fix: When projectiles with DestroyShields flag penetrate the shield, the shield has zero hitpoints but is not destroyed

Remove: 2v2 from ranked match screen


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