FPL – Season 3 Grand Final – WINNERS!


G’day, Forts fans!

Congratulations to Skillgap, winners of the third season of the official Forts Pro League!

klaualles and I am myself stormed through the playoffs with clockwork precision, dropping only a single game on their way to victory. Runner-up Westwind (Malme and Geiger) were unable to fend them off despite an MVP worthy performance. And Fortified (Amburulo and Finn) defeated Monkey Air Force (Helicopter and sub Teutonick) in the bronze match to take third.

Malme of team Westwind was named the playoff MVP for several heroic last stands throughout the playoffs.


1st Place – $100 in Steam Gift cards

$50 to each teammate


  • klaualles
  • I am myself

Skillgap laser focused on Door Snip’s warheads

2nd Place – $50 in Steam Gift cards

$25 to each teammate


  • Malme
  • Geiger

Malme avenging his teammate

3rd Place – $20 in Steam Gift cards

$10 to each teammate


  • Amburulo
  • Finn

Fortified bringing portal mortars to bear against Monkey Air Force

Replays and VODs

Replays from the FPL Playoffs will be available in the Featured tab of the Replays menu in-game and viewable until the next update.

Playoff Quaterfinals


Playoff Semifinals


Playoff Finals



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