Free Multiplayer Weekend!


G’day Forts fans!

To mark six and a half years of Forts going from strength to strength we’re pleased to announce the second Forts Free Multiplayer Weekend. The first Forts FMW in 2018 saw our highest concurrent players at 7303. With any luck we’ll blow that out of the water this time!



Non-owners will have access to the following modes:

  • Multiplayer* – NOTE: Non-DLC owners who join games hosted by DLC owners to have access to the relevant DLC advanced weapons and features.
  • Campaign – Play through the tutorial and part 1 of the Black Gold campaign.
  • Quick Battle – Recently added mode for new players to get straight into the action with a few explosive missions.
  • Skirmish* – One off battles vs AI opponents.
  • Sandbox* – Free-play mode without opponents.

*Includes Workshop content.


As part of the celebration, Forts and all DLCs and the OST are on sale. Follow the links below:
Thanks to all the players, modders and content creators for their support over the years. We’re looking forward to continuing to improve and add to the Forts canon. Long may it continue!


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