Happy Birthday FORTS!

Happy Birthday FORTS!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. Time flies when you’re having

From all of us here at EarthWork Games, we’d like to give all of our players a huge thanks for your support. We literally could not have done it without you. Your feedback on the forums and discord has been super helpful in making FORTS even more fun now than when it launched.

A big thanks to the YouTubers and Twitch Streamers including Project Incursus & Smash Gaming who have been making heaps of cool videos and streams, and getting involved with the tournaments and community.

Thanks to the map and mod makers who are creating great content for the game that we never anticipated. In particular big thanks to Dineth the Destroyer for helping us with maps prior to launch and to Skoddle who’s been helping us with coding over the last year.

We’d also like to thank our playtesters for their time and effort in testing game tweaks and features. You are highly valued members of our community.

Now, for some interesting stats on the game since launch:

  • FORTS Launched April 19th, 2017 live on Facebook
  • 200,000 units sold so far!
  • Big streamers love FORTS including Jack Septic Eye, Baron Von Gamez, Blitz, Lirik and Draegast
  • We’re up to our tenth FORTS Tournament with more to come.
  • On Nov 1st, 2017 FORTS won an Australian Game Development Award.
  • We released some Dev Diaries that go behind the scenes.
  • FORTS is now playable in 14 different languages!
  • 35 Updates have been released, not including hotfixes.
  • Most popular commander: Hurricane
  • Players completed campaign on hard: 217
  • Battles fought: 1.1 million
  • Hours spent: 1.5 million
  • Major features added since launch [list]
  • June 2017: Multi-fort AI
  • Sept 2017: Steam Workshop Maps
  • Oct 2017: Six new weapons (Tons of Guns)
  • Dec 2017: Three new BPO Commanders
  • Feb 2018: Steam Workshop Mods

What’s next?

Amongst other things and the usual balancing, bug fixing and tweaks, we’re working on ranked multiplayer matchmaking as well as campaign mods. Even more to come in the future!

Thanks again everyone, and remember – have fun playing FORTS!


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