Hotfix to Update 1.5

G’day forts fans, and happy new year! We’ve released a hotfix to Update 1.5 which adds the ability to rejoin a multiplayer battle you have dropped out of – a long standing problem when the internet doesn’t cooperate. The lobby is posted to the top of the list, highlighted in orange and lasts for 10 minutes.

Workshop training missions can now be suggested to other players – see the button next to the
regular ‘map’ one. Mods can easily be removed from the lobby mod list, or suggested to be removed.

The Flak Gun has received a reduction in offensive potential, but an increase in hitpoints to make it less fragile. The Shotgun has received a slight buff to better take over the offensive role the Flak was being used for.

Some major optimisations have been done, and fixes to big and small bugs. A serious desync on joining has been fixed, as well as the frustrating issue of rejoining the wrong base. Along with the ability to rejoin a lobby, it should make the online experience much smoother.

Release 2020-01-06c Changelist

Add: most recent in-progress lobby is listed to allow rejoining after drop-outs
Add: buttons to remove mods or suggest removal from mod list in lobby
Add: button to suggest Workshop training missions in lobby

Balance: reduce Flak’s shrapnel damage multiplier against weapons and devices to 40% of normal (-60%)
Balance: increase Flak hit points from 90 to 130 to make more resilient vs swarm (+44%)
Balance: reduce Flak upgrade cost from 100 to 50 metal (-50%)
Balance: reduce Shotgun fire cost from 30 to 15 metal (-50%)
Balance: reduce the Shotgun build time from 25 to 20 seconds (-20%)

Improve: update training strings

Optimise: only need ClearAlreadyHitFlags() in HandleCollisions when a collision takes place
Optimise: write in-memory world state as PoD for speed, convert to text on write to file
Optimise: don’t allocate WorldDump buffer when not in online play
Optimise: CompositeSprite::IterateNodes constructs path if necessary instead of using sprintf_s
Optimise: CompositeSprite uses iterators for mChildrenBehind and mChildrenInFront
Optimise: added early out/continues to DrawLinkCladding and other minor improvements
Optimise: minor improvements to DrawStrut
Optimise: DrawLink doesn’t copy doorCap and endCap Sprites

Fix: joining desync when anti-air weapons are selected
Fix: error message with Chinese mod trying set help panel texture
Fix: Chinese watermark not set correctly
Fix: players can rejoin in the wrong base (not yet fixed for LAN connections)
Fix: Chinese display names missing for some capture maps
Fix: host can be AFK if there’s a game in progress, preventing rejoining player from getting in
Fix: crash in Multiplayer::Execute after AbortLoad
Fix: commander script paths are written to log at game start, allowing players to cheat
Fix: host unnecessarily calls SendUpdatedServerDetailsToSteam every display frame
Fix: effects/shell_eject_small.lua isn’t always visible over weapons
Fix: chamber position of cannon and minigun
Fix: crash when opening mod list in lobby
Fix: AddResources not registered as a script function
Fix: GenerateCrashDump can reference garbage commander mods
Fix: subscribed training missions don’t appear until the game is restarted

Remove: holiday theme

Release 2020-01-24a Changelist

Add: SpawnCircle and SpawnLine functionality in release build

Optimise: Sprite holds a pointer to the sprite prototype (mSpriteProto)
Optimise: fast-build doesn’t need to iterate device and weapon upgrades to adjust build duration

Fix: sometimes weapon head disappears, maybe causing other graphical glitches
Fix: (Buster) can’t easily add depleted uranium to modded weapons
Fix: (Buster) DU howitzer and warhead trails are too short
Fix: (Phantom) construct/complete effects execute for enemy when building cloaked weapons
Fix: players can delete maps to eliminate them from ranked map selection
Fix: removed pack files can be left behind by Steam, causing desyncs in multiplayer
Fix: fast-build increases the build time of short build duration devices
Fix: infinite loop crash when invulnerable struts queued for destruction receive splash damage
Fix: firebeam doesn’t turn depleted uranium rounds incendiary
Fix: damagedmissile2 DU projectile has green trail, making it hard to identify
Fix: there are two versions of MakeFlamingVersion with different semantics of the trailEffect parameter
– trailEffect is now the fully formed path

Improve: short video captures are ended by pausing

Fix: players can play beyond ranked match limit by mashing start
– quit lobby as soon as ranked match limit is found
Fix: desync when an isolated node with a standin link bounces off a strut
Fix: PhysicsManager::EMP can attempt to disable standin links
Fix: PhysicsManager::ExtinguishFire can attempt to extinguish standin links
Fix: cursor missing after video recording

Thanks for playing Forts!


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