Map Spotlight – Checkpoints by coco748.59

G’day Forts Fans! Having looked through the many and varied maps created by the community, we are pleased to present the first recipient of the Forts Map Spotlight, Checkpoints by coco748.59.


This 1v1 map is a claustrophobic nightmare, as each player starts at either end of a confined cave, and has to build out their fort to connect with each pillar, gaining access to each of the three tech buildings as they go. By the time the third pillar is reached, the two commanders come face to face, just as the cannon and laser can be built. We had a lot of fun playing this map, and you can give it a go by subscribing to it from the workshop via the link below. coco748.59 will be receiving a t-shirt for his fine efforts.

We’ll be doing another update in a couple of weeks, and will select the winning map then, at our discretion. Ways to increase the chances of your map being selected include providing AI fort scripts, map description, camera positions, and surfaces.

Thanks for playing Forts!


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