New Languages Update Live! Build 2017-06-22a

G’day Forts Fans! Hot on the heels of the Multi-fort AI update, we’re bringing you some fixes, Caverns map AI and new translations!

New Languages

With this update we add five new languages to Forts, to help grow the game’s accessibility and player base. The new languages are:

  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese – Brazilian

Change List

Integrate new languages: Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Korean
Disable password for private games
Hide Invite button for private games
Add Server (Game) Name next to Lobby title
Optimise: cache Device::mIsGroundDevice to save having to look up DeviceSlot
Optimise: ReactorsClaimForts::Apply does expensive device->WithinRangeOfFoundation test in nested loop
Optimise: Turbine efficiency updated round robin
Fix: Missile won’t use other snipers that have LoS to target in TDM
Fix: Show player cursor when painting missile targets
Fix: Spotters won’t open their doors in all cases
Fix: Crash when user tries to group devices
Fix: Included maps showing up in editor map list
Fix: Windows mouse not visible when game not in focus
Fix: Crash when building an isolated node in the editor


If you are one of the many Eagle Eye fans, you’ll know he has a laser sight for his snipers. To calibrate the laser sight up or down, hold Right Mouse Button and scroll the Mouse Wheel, or press PageUp and PageDown. Adjust it to account for dip and increase your sniper’s accuracy by taking a shot and noticing where it lands, then re-aim to the same position and adjust the laser sight until it lands where the shot hit

Thanks for playing Forts!


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