New Update Live! Build 2017-05-08a

G’day Forts Fans! New update live, changes are as follows.

Build 2017-05-08a

Add: Temporary (5 minute) ban after kick
Use set kick_duration to adjust ban duration in console.
Fix: crash when opening some replays, update version number
Fix: Going back when player name is empty prevents editing on return
Add: Password access for public lobbies
Add: lock icon to password protected lobbies
Add: popup to request password
Fix: group size can be increased above 3 by editing game file (potential exploit)
Fix: EditBox doesn’t always lose focus on Enter (consume event)
Fix: Victory/defeat music set to not loop
Fix: don’t mark self as connected if receiving an ignored message
Fix: buffer overrun in lobby alert with long names

Thanks for playing Forts!


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