New Update Live! Build 2017-06-03a

G’day Forts Fans! This update brings a new map to the rotation: Ledge Grab. This 1v1 map has twin reactors in each fort, so you might be able to stage an unlikely come back! There have been a bunch of fixes and improvements for existing maps, as well as several bug fixes. Optimisations should see frame rates and loading times improve for some.

Build 2017-06-03a

Add: new 1v1 map Ledge Grab
Add: new desync category Cheat, includes cladding checksum
Add: option to disable VSync during loading (on by default)
Add: CustomPixelSelection option to allow use of previous pixel selection method
Optimise: Reduce loading screen frame rate cap to 30 fps
Optimise: SpriteManager::IsValidSpriteKey now uses map::count
Fix: Drop support for 16 bit graphics (force search for 32)
Fix: Added MaxBeamReflections parameter (default 30) to limit the amount of beam reflections
Fix: Toggle Simulation (Ctrl + space) fails in sandbox and editor after a single or multiplayer game
Fix: Preview screenshots do not save in Editor after an undo/redo
Fix: Sniper Trail dog legs when ricocheting at low frame rates
Fix: Up & Down 3v3 foundations on top right below ground
Fix: Up & Down 3v3 degenerate blocks and obsolete screens
Fix: Up & Down 3v3 overview screen too low
Fix: Up & Down 3v3 PB machine guns and reactor armour missing
Fix: Hang Time floating island doesn’t support mines
Fix: Drop the Bomb team 2 foundations below ground
Fix: Outcrop teams swapped
Fix: Outcrop lower fort unable to fire inverted missiles
Balance: Up & Down 3v3 middle and lower forts given space for more mines, top fort loses mine slots & store
Balance: Outcrop middle fort needs extra bracing & mine


You probably know you can cross-brace to increase the strength and rigidity of your structure by making an X shape in your boxes. You might not know that doing this before your fort takes additional weight makes it much more effective, especially near foundations. It helps distribute the weight evenly between struts so there isn’t one overly stressed. Doing this early in a game can pay off well at the end when your fort is heavy and taking blows. You can also add extra foundations to spread the load between more struts, although these can be a costly set back at the start.

Good luck and give them hell!


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