New Update Live! Build 2017-06-18b (hotfixed)

Multi-Fort AI Update!

G’day Forts Fans! Two months after launch and this week we have a very special update. After working tirelessly behind the scenes for many weeks, we are happy to announce that Forts now features Multi-fort AI. This is a big update: let us know if anything goes wrong and we’ll fix it as soon as we can.

Update: 2017-06-18a has been superseded by hotfix 2017-06-18b which fixes automatic weapon doors, and makes minimise on inactive optional (on by default).

Multi-Fort AI

You and your friends can now take on the AI together in Team Co-op mode, or Team Death Match. Head over to the Multiplayer menu and put yourselves on one team and the AI on the other and enjoy the excitement of taking on our forts in any of the multiplayer maps.

Abyss 2v2

What better way to celebrate the new Multi-fort AI feature than to take on the CPU in an expanded version of Abyss. Can you and your friends unleash hell and tear the AI from their cliff face perch in this 2v2 version of one of Forts’ more popular maps?

Change List

Add: AI in multiple forts on a side (Coop and TDM) for all maps
Add: AI fort script can be reused within a map using FortGroups table and on other maps
Add: Adjacent ground devices are copied/moved/mirrored with parent structure in editor
Add: Fort occupation order can be set in mission script
Add: New map Abyss 2v2
Add: Message when connection to host fails due to being full
Add: “Player does not have this map” when clicking ready
Add: MinimiseOnInactive option in settings.lua
Updated: Multi-fort maps adjusted for AI and reuse of forts
Fix: Team mates can steal mines and missiles
Fix: Ground devices not adjacent to a structure in TDM are deleted
Fix: Client doesn’t respond to desync detected message
Fix: Crash when ReceiveDestroyNodeMessage destroys a link with orphans
Fix: AI difficulty for auto defences not reset
Fix: Accessing stale memory in Chatroom::GetDisplayMapName
Fix: Shields under construction reflect bullets
Fix: Highlight formatting in tutorial strings
Fix: Missing or outdated translations (e.g. updated commander descriptions)
Fix: Tab stops incorrect in mapselect screen
Fix: Long grouping line can be exploited to aim laser
Fix: Machine gun projectiles can impact shield
Fix: Extruding struts over HUD causes ghost extrusion to stick to cursor
Fix: Able to build weapon over shield when it’s disabled
Fix: Cycle weapon buttons select inverted missiles
Fix: Struts can be built coincident with the ground
Fix: Missing tip about starting the campaign to learn how to play
Balance: Eagle Eye machine gun overheats faster (especially when active)
Balance: Eagle Eye explosive rounds cost more than normal
Balance: Machine gun takes 0.5 seconds longer to cool down after overheating (skirmish & multiplayer)
Balance: Sniper costs no metal to fire (go down in style during death spiral)
Balance: Terrain at foot of Vanilla forts identical
Balance: Lower wind floor in Vanilla 4v4 to provide the same conditions
Balance: Add missile launch pads to Stalactites 4v4


To cycle through weapons, devices and materials quickly without clicking on the HUD, hold down the Right Mouse Button and scroll the Mouse Wheel when preparing for placement.

Forts Tournament III

Hot on the heels of his victory in last weekend’s tournament, Quxzcover has begun the process of setting up the next one, to be held on June 24th. Sign up for the European bracket here or the North American bracket here. The winner of each bracket will then battle it out in the Grand Final to determine who is the Forts Supreme Champion. Best of luck!

Thanks for playing Forts!


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