New Update Live! Build 2017-07-08c (hotfixed)

G’day, Forts Fans! This week’s update features a new 1v1 map and a mixed bag of fixes and balance changes.

Spook’s informant network has improved as she can now report on the last device or weapon the selected enemy has built. Use her magnifying glass to change the focus.

We’ve also made it easier to make and install player maps; the list files are gone so you only need to copy in the folder. Map authors can add their name and a description to their mission script. These strings contain wide characters to support non-English text. See the -template- map for an example.

In the pro-tip last week we mentioned you could attach multiple ropes to the same peg. Ironically, the same update introduced a bug which prevented you doing this! Fixed now.

As a bonus we’ve made the campaign maps playable in Sandbox. Have fun.

Hotfix 2017-07-08c fixes a crash on startup in some situations and moves Missile Gap into the Prebuilt list.

New Map – Penguin

High in the Siberian mountains, the Black Penguin Oil company has erected a monument to their greed. This structure acts as a de facto truce period, allowing each commander to build up their tech and defences, until combat ensues once the penguin has been destroyed. Or until someone builds a mortar.

Change List

Add: Penguin map
Add: tab for player made maps
Add: map lists removed, each map’s mission script now specifies..

  • Sandbox, Skirmish, Multiplayer flags (default to true)
  • DisplayName (wide string, defaults to folder name)
  • Author, DescLine1 and DescLine2 wide strings (defaults to blank)
  • See -template- map for an example

Add: campaign missions now playable in Sandbox (names in English)
Add: first letter key navigation to map and replay lists
Add: default multiplayer map set to Vanilla
Balance: reduced mine upgrade metal cost to 75
Balance: reduced missile build metal cost to 400
Balance: increase reactor power output by 10%
Balance: Spook adds most recent enemy device readout
Fix: add more range to sniper aiming sight for large maps
Fix: isolated neutral devices are destroyed in TDM
Fix: weapons not closing double doors when not in line with the barrel
Fix: can’t connect ropes to the same peg
Fix: snipers not closing doors after refiring missiles
Fix: update file request link for crash reporting
Fix: terrain seams visible in Stalactites 4v4
Fix: rename Japanese font
Fix: Spook’s resources readout and theft broken in TDM
Fix: console MuteChat and Close not translated
Fix: can delete struts with devices attached with delete key
Fix: ropes break with low rotation at joint
Fix: building weapon in front of team mate builds them a door
Fix: players can build over each other in TDM

Quxzcover’s Strategy Guides

Forts community member and current Supreme Champion Quxzcover has started a sereis of strategy guide videos on his YouTube channel. Check out his first clip covering general tips:

Pro-tip – Picking Materials, Weapons & Devices

In addition to selecting materials from the HUD, it is possible to pick them directly from your fort. Left-click on any material and the selection you are building with will automatically change. Additionally, if ‘keep device selection’ is enabled in the options, deselecting a weapon or device will keep that weapon or device as the next building option, allowing players to quickly duplicate them. Right-clicking will clear the selection.

Thanks for playing Forts, and don’t forget to sign up to the next tournament, if you want to test your mettle against the best in the world, and become the fourth Supreme Champion!


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