G’day Forts fans!

We hope you are all staying safe and well in these unprecedented times. While we’re all busy social distancing, we’re happy to announce the release of new in-game content, the Pro HUD.

This interface can be purchased as DLC and provides the player with a whole new graphical skin and sound effects for the in-game HUD, including the main console, reactor readouts, commander gauge and replay panel.

Additionally, those who show their support with this purchase will also receive an in-game supporter’s medal. Head over to the store page now and receive a 20% discount for the first week.

Furthermore, we have made several important updates to the game, including a customisable profanity filter. Also, if you enjoy playing ranked but want to practice while waiting for a match, you can check the ‘alert to new lobbies’ button in the ranked match screen. You will get a notification when in single-player modes and can join instantly. See below for details.

Changelist release 2020-06-24a

Add: ‘Pro HUD’ downloadable content
Add: profanity filtering with custom settings in users folder
Add: ‘Alert to new lobbies’ checkbox to ranked match screen
Add: map language strings are now loaded in Multiplayer and Skirmish
Add: Moonshot style achievements panels
Add: account and account_reset can be used to track damage

Improve: new neutral group weapon buttons
Improve: nudged drop/star anims to fit better the achievements panel

Optimise: lobby searches exclude mismatching versions

Fix: lobby crash: DebugLogMessage causing a string buffer overflow buy looking up display names
Fix: some lobby debug log messages get truncated
Fix: when building devices, AI doesn’t wait for prerequisites to finish construction
Fix: crash when a segmented material replaces a strut
Fix: (Armourdillo) door close speed is not improved
Fix: (Scattershot) shield reflection causes splash and doesn’t reflect next shield
Fix: (Stalactites 1v1) Can’t select in Skirmish
Fix: (Stalactites 1v1) display name not set for all languages
Fix: (Vanilla) 100% turbines possible in front of forts
Fix: (Vanilla) possible to hide MGs behind terrain in front of fort 1
Fix: (Smoked Out) destroy barrel with flak objective fails to trigger
Fix: if player 2 drops out during load in ranked, the host gets a free pass on a dead fort
Fix: when doors overlap a weapon, only the closest door opens on attempted firing
Fix: Moonshot commanders are not loaded in ranked for non-owners, causing missing descriptions and desyncs
Fix: after desync in ranked, host can play while client must wait
Fix: commander charging and damage tracking is over-counted when the projectile has surplus damage potential
Fix: damage can be excessively high, cause damage calculations to wrap
Fix: capture maps are missing in ranked map list, causing crash
Fix: crash in ranked capture mode
Fix: new lobby notification presents full lobbies
Fix: new lobby notification can show incorrect number of max players

Remove: enabling or disabling mods in ranked lobbies
Remove: obsolete RestartForts.bat

Thanks for playing forts!


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