Team YouTube win FORTS Tournament XV!

G’day FORTS fans!

Huge congrats to the winners of FORTS Tournament XV – Team YouTube! felixwoelmuis and CronkhinatorYT (Germany) showed impressive skill and consistency to defeat runners up Gluffi Puffi (Switzerland) and Composite Rushes Engineers (France), who also showed impressive tactics.

Adding to the international flavour of the tournament, this was the first time there has been a large Chinese contingent of players. Recently dominating the leaderboards, it was awesome to see their strategies.

On the streaming front we had the sultry Project Incursus (USA) and vibrant Frazzz (Scotland) commentating with guest devs Nozehed (Australia) and Blammo (Argentina).

Incursus has generously provided an edited video of the tournament here.

Another big thanks also goes to 42 Scientist from the French [FR/Official] FORTS Communauté Véritable discord channel for organising all of the teams, players, and tournament ladder.

CronkhinatorYT also runs the German FORTS Community discord.

Replays from all Tournament XV matches are now available in FORTS in the replay selection screen under the ‘Featured’ tab. Just hit the download button to get them.

Here is the current FORTS Hall of Fame:

What happens after tournament 15? Stay tuned and find out 🙂

Thanks again to everyone involved and have fun playing FORTS!


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