The FORTS Invitational Tournament – Tomorrow Dec 9th @ 8pm GMT!

We’re super excited here at EarthWork Games for tomorrow’s FORTS Invitational! Who will win? Tune in, watch it live, and find out…

When: December 9th 8pm GMT


  • 2v2 Team Co-op
  • Single Elimination
  • 15 minute battle time limit
  • Ton of Guns enabled
  • Commanders enabled
  • Draws decided by total damage inflicted


  • Team 1: Frazzz & Savage Gaming
  • Team 2: Incursus & MasterofROFLness
  • Team 3: Quxcover & Areshan
  • Team 4: Xrayzen & M4rox
  • Team 5: Endo & Bloody
  • Team 6: Joepocalypse & HipnoE
  • Team 7: Pyro & Trekjeft
  • Team 8: Popster99 & Morthoke


  • First Place: 4 FORTS Steam Keys, 2 Champion Shirts, 2 Pinny Arcade Pins and eternal glory in the Forts Hall of Fame
  • Second Place: 2 FORTS Steam Keys and 2 FORTS Commander Shirts
  • Third Place: 2 FORTS Steam Keys

The tournament brackets can be viewed on the Forts Challonge.



(in order of the tournament brackets)

Balls 2v2

Hillfort 1v1

Ledge Grab 1v1

Vanilla Large 2v2

Stalactites 2v2

Wingman 2v2

Snow Leopards 2v2

Caverns 2v2

note: some details may change at the discretion of EarthWork Games

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