Tons of Guns 1.11 Update

G’day Forts fans! Today we bring you the next component of our Steam Workshop support: campaigns. Map makers will now be able to put together a series of missions with a narrative and custom AI. It also features mid-game saves and localisation support. We’ve put together a demo campaign, which you can subscribe to here. We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

In addition we’ve included another round of network optimisation and improvements. Game clients will make much more efficient use of bandwidth and be less susceptible to congestion. As always let us know if anything goes wrong.

Build 2018-05-04a Changelist

Add: Workshop campaign mod support (linear campaigns supported only)
Add: demo campaign mod ‘High Ground’
Mission 1: defend against 20mm battery (specific AI)
Mission 2: 1v2 battle with hanging fort (random AI)
Mission 3: destroy a turtle with anti-air (empty AI)
Add: maps can contain language specific string files
Add: allow a mission script to query game type to avoid cutscenes in Skirmish and multiplayer
Add: restart a linear campaign mission if the map checksum has changed since last save
Add: clock sync option, disabled if off in constants
Add: Workshop shortcut link for items in the workshop manager subscribed lists
Add: select and remove map/mod button for host for client suggested maps/mods. Added to “downloaded” chat lines for items that need subscribing first
Balance: increase mg accuracy
Balance: increase anti-air lead of missiles
Optimise: uninitialised node variables reduce efficiency of keyframe compression
Optimise: have all messages sent buffered on client
Optimise: replay compression type set to fast
Optimise: send tick checks in batches of 8 (every 1.3s)
Optimise: send tick checks as unreliable messages
Fix: crash in replay when printing chat containing % symbol
Fix: seeking in replay with modded music accumulates music streams
Fix: music.lua not loaded during replays
Fix: AI with high team allocation (e.g. 102) is not disabled during cutscenes
Fix: Extrusion fails sometime after restoring a campaign
Fix: hanging-step fort import not aligned with terrain
Fix: TDM AI forts fail to restart
Fix: replay compression allocation failure due to fragmentation
Fix: clock is unnecessarily lagged for moderately good connections
Fix: synced client clocks can drift during pause
Fix: joining clients’ clocks are lagged significantly in proportion to ping
Fix: crash when a joint breaks with a standin link attached
Fix: item path not updated when host downloads and subscribes to a new item in chat
Fix: extrusion still shows if link turns neutral

Hotfix 2018-05-06a Changelist

Fix: crash when client receives a ping during connection
Fix: disconnects due to new unreliable messages being dropped
Fix: client doesn’t recognise non-responsive host, remaining in lobby or game
Fix: crash in BreakStructure when accessing non-existent link
Fix: commander mod scripts don’t handle arithmetic on absent values
Fix: attached device platform can be incorrect after breaking structure
Fix: invalid system chat when host types in the console

Hotfix 2018-05-08a Changelist

Fix: infinite loop when multiple temporary links are cleaned up
Fix: crash when loading Height Challenge
Fix: replay desync when neutral shields are damaged
Fix: incorrect nodes can be deleted in some air-to-air collisions
Fix: crash when starting a sandbox replay

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