Tons of Guns 1.2 Update

G’day Forts Fans! We’ve got a few fixes for you, leading up to the Forts Invitational tournament this coming weekend. In addition, we’re super grateful to Gunes Kuday for translating the game into Turkish.

Build 2017-12-05a Changelist

Add: Turkish language support
Add: Time limit mod
Add: Additional Translation and updated credits
Optimise: PhysicsManager::DrawFire taking significant time checking if the link is alight at all
Optimise: Sprite::UpdateCurrentFrame looks up sprite prototype many times
Optimise: SpriteManager::GetSpriteFrame copies entire frame structure
Optimise: FindExplosion uses slow list lookup
Optimise: DrawLinks and DrawFire don’t need to use visited flags, just use primary links
Fix: crash when going to lobby calling ApplyMod on EagleEye when script functions not set up
Fix: crash deleting selected ground nodes when no ground selected
Fix: standard forts are out of date and can cause a crash when imported
Fix: projectiles can leak when reflecting
Fix: ‘Additional Programming’ on credits page not translated
Fix: “is now” and “has finished loading” not translated
Fix: add Architect active commander highlight for Technology button
Fix: can’t flip weapons during preview of construction
Fix: “Select” button sound on mod menu
Fix: replay list selection, clicking child rows now select replay
Fix: display names for system chat map/mod messages incorrect
Fix: clamp replay map display name to max map name
Fix: clear replay preview if the map path does not exist
Fix: convert replay workshop map name to local path
Fix: only display replay workshop map paths from the workshop item id onwards
Fix: If segments are heated to ignition while being extinguised the extinguish will not complete
Fix: after rejoining extrusions can fail

Build 2017-12-09a Changelist (hotfix)

Add: Time limit mod shows stats on how the tie was broken
Fix: Weapons face backwards even if there is no enemy in that direction
Fix: Damage isn’t tracked to break time limit reactor hitpoint ties
Fix: Deleted reactors in TDM are considered destroyed at time limit
Fix: Wins are not recorded in lobby when time limit is reached

Forts Invitational Tournament

Don’t forget the Forts Invitational Tournament is taking place this coming weekend. For more details, click here

Thanks for playing Forts!


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