Tons of Guns 1.4 Update

G’day Forts Fans! We hope you’re having a great holiday break, and have enjoyed the new commanders we brought to you recently. Just in time for the new year we’re bringing you a quick update to address a couple of things, including some balancing to Shockenaugh’s charge ability.

Build 2017-12-30 Changelist

Add: EnableRMBWheelItemCycling option to settings.lua to disable right mouse & scroll wheel cycling
Shockenaugh: barrels can be deleted which costs some resources
Shockenaugh: only make one barrel per structure, not one per reactor
Shockenaugh: return charge balance to normal
Balance: removal of barrel cost 1000 energy, 45 seconds to delete
Fix: AI can’t get correct commander points in TDM to activate
Fix: able to place multiple overlapping ground devices when lagging
Fix: able to place warhead directly by keeping the selection after building one
Fix: typo in Disable Plasma Laser mod English display name
Fix: Chinese translations for Shockenaugh’s description
Fix: missiles sometimes overshoot, especially when using Seep’s active
Fix: missile can be reloaded by disconnecting then reconnecting
Fix: Inverted missile types can be kept when keeping selection is set
Fix: standard forts are out of date, causing a crash on import
Fix: crash while initialising DevIL on some machines
Fix: pause menu pops up after winning when watching replay
Fix: create users folder if it doesn’t exist

Thanks for playing Forts, and happy new year!


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