Tons of Guns 1.5 Update

G’day Forts Fans! We’re back with a few quick fixes, including the long awaited key binding functionality. If anyone has a good left-handed configuration they’d like to share in the official build, please get in contact. Check out the fixes below!

Build 2018-01-10a Changelist

Add: in-game key rebinding, potential conflicts are highlighted
Add: lobby name is saved and restored
Add: auto subscribe to maps in replay files when they are selected
Add: build_fort command can take relative path of script as a parameter for testing shared scripts
Balance: Shockenaugh no longer places barrels on armour
Balance: rocket emp vulnerable to a single sniper shot (140 to 130)
Balance: reduced rocket hitpoints from 180 to 150
Fix: tab order in main menu
Fix: Shockenaugh sometimes places barrels intersecting with the ground
Fix: Shockenaugh’s barrels delete too fast when fastbuild mod is active
Fix: crash in editor when old music streams are processed for completion by non-existent scripts
Fix: crash dumps can sometimes fail to record all information due to crash during screenshot
Fix: lobby scrollbar overlapping on right side
Fix: AI can get stuck repeatedly building something that fails immediately after
Fix: second Wingman 4v4 ToG fort from front on team 2 can get stuck trying to build a rope
Fix: Steam notification obscures resources readout
Fix: multiplayer nickname not saved and restored
Fix: replay map paths cause failure when game installed on different paths
Fix: long Steam names crash multiplayer (hotfix)

Thanks for playing Forts!


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