Tons of Guns 1.8 Update

G’day Forts Fans! Another update comin’atcha! In an effort to support the growing mod community, we’ve made several fixes and improvements in this area. Most importantly we have added the ability to share new environments through the Steam Workshop. As a demonstration [DEV] BeeMan has used his awesome programmer art skills to make an environment for Mars, and a map to use it called Mars One 3v3. We’ll be updating the modding guide shortly with details about how to create new environments.

Build 2018-02-22a Changelist

Add: support for environment mods, including ambient sound effect
Add: Mars environment mod example
Add: update Fmod version to 1.10.03
Add: devices/device.lua and weapons/weapon.lua is available for mods to iterate items easily
Add: new effects for when Shockenaugh absorbs a laser or firebeam
Add: collapsing structures spawn an effect at the break point, sound effect based on mass
Add: BeamsCutOffEffects and BeamsRecycleEffects to weapon script for single-shot laser mods
Add: UniformSpray flag to make shotgun like weapons spread projectiles evenly
Add: mods copy a default preview image if none specified when uploading
Add: support for “Materials” mod category
Optimise: avoid updating sprites and creating temporary strings
Optimise: avoid recalculating vector size in some inner physics loops
Optimise: don’t copy name string when calculating current animation frame
Optimise: don’t clear the screen during gameplay
Fix: published maps can’t use custom props found in their props folder
Fix: rapidfire mod doesn’t apply to weapons added by mods
Fix: FileSearch not closed in Singleplayer::FilePassesFilter
Fix: IndexOfDevice and IndexOfWeapon unnecessarily defined in mod scripts
Fix: absorbing a laser creates many instances of the impact sound
Fix: completing a campaign part by finishing an earlier mission skips the achievement
Fix: receive the ‘don’t let bridge get broken’ achievement when bridge breaks
Fix: unable to change side in Skirmish
Fix: background textures are backwards
Fix: props snap to ground surfaces, making them hard to place
Fix: effect scripts don’t have a path set in published mods
Fix: environment surfaces.lua script path variable not set
Fix: all environment surfaces.lua scripts use fixed paths
Fix: make Scattershot’s sniper RoundsEachBurst adjustment relative
Fix: Selectable = true by default for mods, so mod.lua is now optional
Fix: Extrusion shows damaged struts when the last strut rendered is damaged
Fix: Russian translations for new commanders (thanks MeeMdic)

Thanks for playing Forts!


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