Update Live 2017-05-02a!

G’day Forts Fans! We’ve been mostly focusing on Multiplayer stability. Changes are as follows.

Build 2017-05-02a

Fix: Goldberg mission. Laser doesn’t ignite fuse.
Fix: Crash in editor menu after editing a map
– Ground key profile not cleaned up
– Disable in-game key profiles on creation
Limit map and host name characters, adjust edit boxes to size
Fix: Shortened French ‘Edit Map’ tab heading and removed text box
Add: Logging to debug failure to load join state on test PC
Fix: Occasional desync when two clients join at the same time during TDM
– If in joining state then send client status to World to be applied at the right frame
– Don’t send client_team message for joining clients (team not allocated yet)
Fix: Gracefully handle failure to initialise Fmod
Fix: Reduce MAX_TICK_CHECKS by half to 64
Fix: Prevent lag from showing errors and spamming console for host
Fix: Make lagging client readout an easier colour to read
Fix: Crash in Multiplayer::TestFinishedLoading() when client joins after a desync
– CommandInterpreter was booting all clients, not just the one with the desync, including joining!
– Use host’s player state instead of client’s message. Warn if they don’t match.
Fix: Reduce log spam by not logging invalid clients in Multiplayer::SendClientStatus
Fix: Silence error in Multiplayer::HandleClientStatus about wrong client index
Fix: Steam Overlay (Shift + Tab) close to the end of loading causes crash
Fix: Crash when receiving set_commander message when not in chatroom
Fix: Don’t attempt to launch game if mPreloadWorld is NULL

Thanks for playing Forts and don’t hesitate to bring any more issues to our attention.


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