Update Live! Build 2017-04-24a

G’day Forts Fans! We’ve updated the build with the changes listed below.

Build 2017-04-24a

Map Editor
Fix: Move & clean up the terrain debug info
Add: Key to bring the grid to the foreground (Shift + G)
Fix: Show block owners when Team 1 or 2

Fix: Crash when clicking next in campaign (potential fix)
Fix: ‘Over-engineered’ auto machine guns not working
Fix: ‘Eastern Block” AI now behaves as intended.
Add: Setting to enumerate mouse pointers & input error checking
Fix: Mouse & keyboard re-acquired on main menu
Fix: Crash/desyncs while joining when a player connects and others loaded
Added a darkened panel to lobby select and chatroom.
Fix: Stalactites 4v4 – Vertices count reduced to help with frame rate.
Fix: Catacomb – Both sides can now add two mines per slot.
Fix: Pillars – Both sides can now add two mines per slot.
Fix: Client state sync & potential desync issues
Show warning if a player doesn’t have a particular map
Fix: Use SteamUser::BLoggedOn instead of Friends online status


Campaign Crash

We’re having difficulty reproducing the Campaign crash bug that occurs when pressing ‘Next’ after a campaign mission. If anyone is still experiencing this crash please copy your Crash dump files into this Dropbox folder. This would help us no end.


See this post on Steam