Update Live inc. Moorings Map

G’day Forts Fans! Today’s update sees a bunch of issues addessed and adds Moorings to the map pool.


Moorings, a rain swept 1v1 map, has forts built on to outcrops, with caves dug out for mine or silo construction. This map also includes full AI forts for skirmish or multiplayer carnage!

Build 2017-05-15a

Add 1v1 map Moorings
Updated FMod to 1.09.04
Fix: Memory leak in Static::PlayMovie when interface SFX disabled
ValidateSymmetricalMap bails out without showing structure/device errors if ground is not symmetric
Fix: Crash in editor when copying terrain & structure with no selection
Fix: Use custom pixel format selection to avoid software rendering, depth and stencil buffers
Fix: AZERTY and QWERTZ keyboards not mapping correctly
Add option to sort replays chronologically (default)
Add button to delete invalid replays
Fix: Show cursor when connection lost during loading
Fix: Record cursors in single player modes
Fix: Show cursors in replays if position messages found
Fix: EditBox delete rate too slow
Fix: Set script path in replay screen to allow extraction of Armourdillo name

Future Updates

Since launch we have been hard at work updating Forts daily to improve stability, and fix bugs. As the game gets more stable, we’ve been pulling back to an update or two per week, so as to turn our attention to adding the features the community has been requesting. Stay tuned for more news on this in the coming weeks.

Thanks for playing Forts.


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