Update Live inc. New Map!

G’day Forts Fans! Thought we’d sneak in a quick update before the weekend hits. Today’s additons include a new map Wingman 4v4, and a Map Editor Style Guide.

There’s also a new option in the lobby: Show Cursors. Keep it off to dramatically reduce network traffic. We’re hoping this will improve the stability and performance of multiplayer.

Wingman 4v4

We’ve been listening to your calls for more epic 4v4 maps and are adding Wingman 4v4 to the rotation. Will you favour the cliff built fort, the safety of the exterior bases or get in the thick of it with the heavily armoured central structures?

Map Editor Style Guide

It’e been so great to see all the new community maps people have been making, we thought we’d give you an insight into the approach we take in building our Forts maps. The guide covers terrain style, props pointers and Fort construction tips for top battles. Wingman 4v4 can be found in the Map Editor for you to take a look at.
WARNING: Be sure to copy Wingman 4v4 before editing, as edited versions will desync during online play if all players don’t have the same version.

Build 2017-05-05a

Add: Wingman 4v4
Add: option to turn off remote cursors to reduce bandwidth usage & lag
Fix: receiving unexpected messages in lobby select causes crashes
Fix: crash in compression thread on low spec machines
Fix: Host new game button resized to fit German
Optimise: don’t send repair commands if there’s nothing to repair

Thanks for playing Forts, and have a great weekend!


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