Update Live inc. new maps Hellmouth 3v3 & All or Nothing (hotfixed)

G’day Forts Fans! After a well earned break, and an appearance at AVCon in Adelaide, we’re back with another update, and a couple of new maps for y’all to enjoy.

We’ve listened to your feedback regarding commander selection in multiplayer. A new feature in this update is the commander mediation. Each player votes for the commander they want to use. If a commander has a majority they will be selected. If not, then randomly from the selected commanders. If you see a blank commander it means you haven’t voted yet. This will prevent enemies switching your commander just before battle, and make it harder to sneak a peak.

Hellmouth 3v3

In the gnarly depths of the Mother Load, three forts face off against each other. Will you choose the more exposed, but better appointed top & bottom forts, or the recessed fort, which trades missile sites for seclusion?

All or Nothing

This first player-made map, made and scripted by Quxzcover, tasks each side with building bridges to connect to additional metal resources, and ultimately a fight over a central warhead silo. For those looking for an extreme challenge, take on Quxz’s AI fort on Hard.

Build 2017-07-28a Changelist

Add: Map Hellmouth 3v3
Add: Player map All Or Nothing
Add: Team Commander selection mediation (highest vote, then random from tied)
Add: Continually press U shortcut to upgrade a group of weapons
Add: Include replay in crash dump if game crashes during a replay
Fix: Screen shake makes gaps visible at edge of background when zoomed in
Fix: Flash of world when finished loading then waiting in multiplayer
Move the following variables into the data table for modification per mission
Fix: Up & Down 3v3 middle fort can build mines far underground
Fix: Significant movements in the structure while recording an AI fort causes MirrorFort to fail finding corresponding nodes – Use prior successful searches to map nodes
Fix: Remove Firebird console spam
Fix: Swarm looks like warhead during construction
Fix: HUD reactor panel doesn’t handle having no reactors (height challenge)
Fix: Overdrive and other active icons shows on devices after they turn neutral
Fix: Commander active icons show while devices under construction
Fix: Crash when trying to mirror neutral mines
Fix: Map name can be spaces only
Fix: Leading and trailing white space and non printable characters from edit boxes possible
Fix: Preview clear/no error when you can’t build a device when strut can’t be foregrounded
Fix: Unlocking “hard” mode achievements does not award the “normal” mode achievements
Fix: Ropes dangle indefinitely (now get detached)
Fix: Commander text button doesn’t retain rollover highlight
Fix: Neutral ground devices not included in symmetry test

Hotfix 2017-07-28b Changelist

Fix: Fuse material detaches before burning through, breaking Goldberg mission
Fix: prevent fire damage and friendly fire from charging commander (exploit)
Reduce commander full charge by 10% to compensate for loss of fire damage
Fix: occasional crash when leaving the file selection screen
Fix: mine2 and turbine2 detail graphics missing

Pro-tip – Sloped Platforms

Finding it hard to kill off that last elevated fort at the end of a 4v4 game? Try sloping the platforms you build your cannon on, and get the angle for the kill shot. Additionally, sloping platforms towards the enemy allows mortars to fire a flatter trajectory, meaning less airtime, and even bypassing defending machine guns.

Thanks for playing Forts, and if you want to see the replays, join in on the next tournament, or just get involved with and battle other members of the Forts online community, head over to the Official Forts Discord server!


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