Update: Three New BPO Commanders!

We’ve got a big pre-christmas update ready for opening! Three new BPO Commanders with cool new abilities, and some new mods to disable items too! We’ve optimised the network traffic when painting targets with snipers, which should see multiplayer stability improve.


– Shields reflect projectiles perfectly
– Double-Shot snipers
– Increased projectile spread
– Reduced projectile spread


– Warheads burst into swarm when destroyed.
– Reduce silo launch delay.
– EMP sends missiles back
– Fast Rockets & Missiles


– Shields absorb energy from lasers.
– Max group size increased to four.
– Places explosive barrels inside enemy fort.

Build 2017-12-19a

Add: Commander Scattershot, Seep and Shockenaugh
Add: Show commanders on victory/defeat banner
Add: mods to disable specific devices
Add: mod select presented as collapsible tree
Add: lobbies are hidden when host is AFK for 60 seconds
Add: translations of some mods
Add: new effects for weapon group operations
Balance: increase sensitivity of missiles to EMP
Optimise: reduce frequency of cursor messages when aiming missiles to reduce dropouts
Optimise: client_position sent if the missile group is not ready to fire
Optimise: door control message sent multiple times when painting target
Optimise: client_position messages can be sent at the same frame
Fix: crash when search for non-existent mods files: pre-scan & search internally
Fix: firebeam can be swept to ignite entire enemy forts
Fix: replay keyframe desync when struts are on fire
Fix: Hurricane active icon not showing up on ToG weapons
Fix: client can desync if the game ends before the join took place
Fix: console spam when using Eagle Eye and ToG
Fix: French time limit mods all say 10 minutes
Fix: fire state after final extinguish causes replay desyncs
Fix: late fires can still burn on winners’ forts
Fix: position not set for grouping sound effect
Fix: damaged warhead doesn’t produce a sound
Fix: missile trail effects can linger esp. when hit by flak
Fix: Disable Alerts on popup not working
Fix: commander rollover highlights not working
Fix: double clicking closes mod selection dialog

Build 2017-12-20a hotfix

Balance: Increased charge time for Shockenaugh
Balance: Increased reload period for Scattershot snipers

We hope you enjoy the new commanders and mods and look forward to your feedback.

From all of us here at EarthWork Games, we wish you all a safe and Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!